Wednesday, June 22, 2011

eating my way through coronado...

Mal and I went on a eating tour of Coronado led by Bite San Diego. We went to 6 restaurants and the food was pretty delicious. The tour was originally $45 but we bought a Livingsocial deal so it was only $22. I don't think the tour is worth it if I had to pay the original price. Our tour guide was suppose to tell us history surrounding the food industry in Coronado. I don't know if it was our tour guide or the tour itself but there wasn't any funny anecdotes or even that much information provided in this tour. One fun fact we heard was that Orville Redenbacher, who retired on the island, use to tip in coupons...

Alexander's Scooby Snacks: pepperoni and cheese inside!
Fuzziwig's Candy Factory Double Dipped Strawberry
Il Fornaio's Cappellacci di Zucca: something with buttersquash
Il Fornaio's Ravioli alla Lucana: spinach ravioli
MooTime Creamery Black Raspberry Chunk and Caramel Ice Cream
Chance Bistro's Carne Asada Taco - nothing special but the salsa was super spicy and good
Peohe's Coconut Crunchy Shrimp. This was all one restaurant gave us... Lame!

animals, food, and rides...

went to the san diego county fair this past weekend. this fair is the biggest i've ever seen! there were two halls just full of cows and sheep. it was cool to have all these farm animals around. i don't remember any fair in norcal having them. fair food is so ridiculous! good thing I ate lunch before we went because i'm sure if we had ate everything that looked delicious, I would have had a heart attack. I can accomplish that with my 2 large boxes of fries thank you very much. I did try the fried oeros and they weren't good at all, just tasted like a fried piece of dough.

we didn't go on any rides because each ride cost 4-8 coupons with each coupon costing 75 cents. its funny how when we were young our parents are the ones who tell us no we can't eat this or can't go on this ride but now that we're older i'm like ehh it's too expensive for me to spend my money on. I know what a buzzkill. the best part of the fair was the hypnotist performance. one male volunteer got the worst of it. he was dressed in a wig, bra without his shirt and lacy panties over his jeans. he then strutted down the stage thinking he was on america's next top model, making "sexy" poses. the hypnotist wakes him up still in his outfit and he looks so confused and embarrassed and goes "how do i get this off?" referring to the bra! soo funny!! 

600 lb pig! imagine all the bacon you can get from this!!

has anyone actually eaten a deep fried butter stick?? who would even eat a stick of butter by itself??

heart attack waiting to happen...

fried oero: looks appealing

ice cream s'more super delicious!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

san diego zoo safari park...

my sister, mal, came down to san diego to visit me this weekend. we went to the safari park formerly known as the san diego wild animal park. its $40 for the cheapest entrance and includes the african tram ride and parking is $10. i've been here once before while i was still in college and i'm surprised at how different things are.

we went during a good time because a lot of the animals had babies and young which made it so much more awesome to stare at them and go awww. a gorilla baby is due any moment now and i was really hoping it would be born today. the gorillas were getting fed and the male only ate carrots while one of the females only ate the green veggies. the zookeepers were throwing the food in and one of the females would sit there and only eat the food that she could reach without moving. forgot to add that when the zookeepers were throwing food in, the pregnant female got hit in the face with a carrot and was too slow to deflect it. sad but still really funny :P  the african tram makes the visit to this park totally worth it. you basically get onto a tram and it drives around the open range area of the park where animals are roaming around. there aren't any pedestrian paths so the tram is really the only way to view some of these animals. the only problem i have with the park is that the design for the tiger area isn't that great. the viewing platform for the tiger area is high above and there is a lot of trees and bush coverage in the tiger enclosure so most times you can't even see the tiger. this time just as we were about to leave a family called us back over because a tiger had come out of hiding! this lasted for only a couple of seconds before he was hidden again. the elephant area was pretty cool and it seemed like every female had a baby. a zookeeper tempted a mother elephant into crossing a pond to get food. the baby elephant follows the mother everywhere and so went into the water and he was so small he had to struggle to swim. it was cute watching him wading in and trying to keep up with his mom. his older sibling stayed at the pond bank and was like nope i'm not going in, i know what happens when i get into that water. haha.

male gorilla chewing on a leaf. his favorite veggie seems to be carrots. he went around gathering them and stole some from a female.
baby giraffes! notice how the tree branch is tied onto the barren tree?

baby elephants! this is right before they enter the water.
some more funny moments of the trip occurred due to other visitors. a bunch of kids were visiting and we overheard a kid go " i like the zoo better because it smells here." the man with them told them that was the smell of nature and unfortunately it doesn't smell that great. haha. another one happened when we were looking at the elephants. a woman asked if elephant tusks were made of the same material as human teeth and if the zoo sawed their tusks.

Friday, June 17, 2011

What a 9-year old girl and I have in common...

so in order to support myself in san diego i've been doing a lot of different jobs. one of them is babysitting for this 9-year old girl. one day while driving her home we were stopped at a red light. i then noticed a cute guy walking down the street and was like hmm cute guy and turned away. the 9-year old goes omg cute guy and i'm like the guy in the maroon shirt?? and shes like yah! it's weird to think this 9 year old girl is checking out the same guy i am, especially since she is so much younger than me. granted this guy looked like he was younger than me but no way was he in the same age bracket as a 9-year old! she then proceeds to tell me that guys her age are only cute and might have the potential of being hot but only when they are older do they reach the status of hotness. haha kids do say the darnedest things!

anyways i haven't been updating because i haven't been doing anything. tho i did have a nice video chat convo with a friend from back home. nothing beats having a guy sing songs to you. more so if the songs are about how awesome i am. just what my ego needs! haha thanks jason :P

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

places people take their lovers but I take my sister...

in this little weekend excursion my sister and i visited a bunch of touristy LA places. we figured since both of us will be moving up to nor-cal soon it would be the only chance to do so. our first spot was the venice canals. if you ever come see it don't pay for street parking, there are free parking spots in the little allys leading into the canal area. the first thing that i noticed when we got out of the car was the smell. it wasn't pleasant. the smell wasn't as strong after we walked around, maybe that one particular spot had some dog turds or w/e. i was on the look-out for the bridge that was in the movie Valentine's Day. After seeing all the bridges, I realized they all looked the same and I cursed myself for not noticing which houses were in the scenes so I could easily locate the bridge. The houses near the canals drew my attention just as much as the picturesque scenery of the canal with the bridges and trees. Going during a friday afternoon is a smart idea because there is barely anyone there and so if you wanted to make out on a bridge with your lover, you totally could, or if you wanted to dress up in rabbit costumes and hop around like the people we saw, that's fine too.

Venice, CA: love the weather and this makes me think of being in the rich countryside

Venice, Italy: crappy weather but gondolas and italian men make up for it :P

next up on a different day: Urban Light which is a sculpture made up of antique street lamps. We went on a sunday so parking was free at the meters and behind the museum is a lot of residential street parking. a lot of couples were here getting their pictures professionally taken. me and my sister would just run around getting into their shots and doing cheesy poses with the lamps.

it's way better to go at night when the lights are on. very romantic even if there are all these other couples doing the same thing. the la brea tar pits are right next door. just one more thing to check off our sightseeing list.

paying money to see houses we can look at for free...

a couple of months ago while visiting my sister in LA, she told me that she knew the location of the Charmed House. I knew the house wasn't in SF because being a hardcore fan, I had written the address the one time they mentioned it on the show and had tried to find it. I don't know if this was before the popularity of the internet (*gasp what no internet?!?!) but I remembered looking up the address on an actual PAPER map and forcing my mom to drive me to the location. To my utter disappointment the address was in some sketchy alleyway behind a school. I was seriously pissed off that the show was lying to me and then it made me think the show wasn't even based in San Francisco at all! of course the internet later told me the show was in LA the whole time and just used random shots of SF to pass it off. I should have known! The trees and patches of dirt they used didn't look anything like Golden Gate Park

Anyways moving on, my sister and I had to see the house for ourselves and to take a lot of photos. While we were posing and being super cool about it, a woman comes out of the house. Apparently she LIVED in the Halliwell Manor (Charmed house) and she told us there were tours that allowed people to actually go into the house! So we booked ourselves a spot on the Angelino Heights Walking Tour by the Los Angeles Conservancy. Its a 2 hour tour that goes around one block. You can imagine how slow we were walking. After the tour my sister and I felt like we were experts on Victorian architecture and proved it by driving around and identifying all the Victorian elements on houses that we drove past. So if anyone needs help identifying if a house is Victorian or not, you know who to call. The Halliwell Manor was actually a real disappointment. The interior is nothing like the one on the show! Surprise surprise. I still didn't see it coming even after all the lies and trickery that show uses. Still I really enjoyed the tour and it was cheap and helps out a non-profit organization.

Halliwell Manor! Celebrities walked those steps!

 I call this the Asian House. Who knew the abacus could be a design element?

This is the house from Michael Jackson's Thriller music video!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

following the bandwagon...

Just like all my traveling buddies of mine, I've decided to start a blog. I've been wanting to for awhile but ever since graduation my life has been boring and unfulfilling and I really didn't have anything to blog about. However, I will be going back home to San Francisco in a month, after being in San Diego for five years, and I've decided I am actually going to explore the city.  Drinking boba every day and eating out at restaurants all the time just aren't gonna cut it.

Things I am looking forward to in SF:
1. acting like a tourist and exploring the city
2. cheap boba that I will make every single one of my friends drink with me
3. friends and family
4. home-cooked meals
etc etc... of course this isn't by importance. No way is boba more important than my friends and family...

Things I'm cringing at facing in SF:
1. the cold cold weather that I seriously think I'm allergic to, as my mom says I would need to marry the man who makes tissues in order to supply the amount I need when I'm in the city
2. pigeons
3. living at home: i can already feel my independence flying out the window
4. my mom constantly telling me that I will need to marry and have a bunch of babies
5. my mom telling me about all the family and friends, with sons and nephews, that are inquiring about me and the possibility of a match-making...

for the last one so far I'm still too young but I can just imagine whats going to happen when I hit the "right" age. *shudder

Anyways this blog is for me to keep track of things that are happening in my life before I have a chance to scrap it. Also because of the nefarious things I can get into, most of what I scrap might not make it into this blog because I'm sure my friends will rather I save those embarrassing pictures of them to blackmail them in the future. Because of this I am really hoping that all my friends become rich bajillionaires :P So on to why I decided to start this blog today. I just booked my ticket to London! I will be staying in Europe for a month in November and will be traveling half the time by myself and the other with my friend. Does anyone have recommendations for places I have to see?