Wednesday, June 22, 2011

animals, food, and rides...

went to the san diego county fair this past weekend. this fair is the biggest i've ever seen! there were two halls just full of cows and sheep. it was cool to have all these farm animals around. i don't remember any fair in norcal having them. fair food is so ridiculous! good thing I ate lunch before we went because i'm sure if we had ate everything that looked delicious, I would have had a heart attack. I can accomplish that with my 2 large boxes of fries thank you very much. I did try the fried oeros and they weren't good at all, just tasted like a fried piece of dough.

we didn't go on any rides because each ride cost 4-8 coupons with each coupon costing 75 cents. its funny how when we were young our parents are the ones who tell us no we can't eat this or can't go on this ride but now that we're older i'm like ehh it's too expensive for me to spend my money on. I know what a buzzkill. the best part of the fair was the hypnotist performance. one male volunteer got the worst of it. he was dressed in a wig, bra without his shirt and lacy panties over his jeans. he then strutted down the stage thinking he was on america's next top model, making "sexy" poses. the hypnotist wakes him up still in his outfit and he looks so confused and embarrassed and goes "how do i get this off?" referring to the bra! soo funny!! 

600 lb pig! imagine all the bacon you can get from this!!

has anyone actually eaten a deep fried butter stick?? who would even eat a stick of butter by itself??

heart attack waiting to happen...

fried oero: looks appealing

ice cream s'more super delicious!

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  1. i totally feel the same way about the whole, when i was little i wanted to do everything, now that i can, i don't want to spend the money on it!!! ugh.