Sunday, June 5, 2011

following the bandwagon...

Just like all my traveling buddies of mine, I've decided to start a blog. I've been wanting to for awhile but ever since graduation my life has been boring and unfulfilling and I really didn't have anything to blog about. However, I will be going back home to San Francisco in a month, after being in San Diego for five years, and I've decided I am actually going to explore the city.  Drinking boba every day and eating out at restaurants all the time just aren't gonna cut it.

Things I am looking forward to in SF:
1. acting like a tourist and exploring the city
2. cheap boba that I will make every single one of my friends drink with me
3. friends and family
4. home-cooked meals
etc etc... of course this isn't by importance. No way is boba more important than my friends and family...

Things I'm cringing at facing in SF:
1. the cold cold weather that I seriously think I'm allergic to, as my mom says I would need to marry the man who makes tissues in order to supply the amount I need when I'm in the city
2. pigeons
3. living at home: i can already feel my independence flying out the window
4. my mom constantly telling me that I will need to marry and have a bunch of babies
5. my mom telling me about all the family and friends, with sons and nephews, that are inquiring about me and the possibility of a match-making...

for the last one so far I'm still too young but I can just imagine whats going to happen when I hit the "right" age. *shudder

Anyways this blog is for me to keep track of things that are happening in my life before I have a chance to scrap it. Also because of the nefarious things I can get into, most of what I scrap might not make it into this blog because I'm sure my friends will rather I save those embarrassing pictures of them to blackmail them in the future. Because of this I am really hoping that all my friends become rich bajillionaires :P So on to why I decided to start this blog today. I just booked my ticket to London! I will be staying in Europe for a month in November and will be traveling half the time by myself and the other with my friend. Does anyone have recommendations for places I have to see?

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  1. Look at the bright side; when you have babies you'll be able to scrap their every move!