Tuesday, June 7, 2011

paying money to see houses we can look at for free...

a couple of months ago while visiting my sister in LA, she told me that she knew the location of the Charmed House. I knew the house wasn't in SF because being a hardcore fan, I had written the address the one time they mentioned it on the show and had tried to find it. I don't know if this was before the popularity of the internet (*gasp what no internet?!?!) but I remembered looking up the address on an actual PAPER map and forcing my mom to drive me to the location. To my utter disappointment the address was in some sketchy alleyway behind a school. I was seriously pissed off that the show was lying to me and then it made me think the show wasn't even based in San Francisco at all! of course the internet later told me the show was in LA the whole time and just used random shots of SF to pass it off. I should have known! The trees and patches of dirt they used didn't look anything like Golden Gate Park

Anyways moving on, my sister and I had to see the house for ourselves and to take a lot of photos. While we were posing and being super cool about it, a woman comes out of the house. Apparently she LIVED in the Halliwell Manor (Charmed house) and she told us there were tours that allowed people to actually go into the house! So we booked ourselves a spot on the Angelino Heights Walking Tour by the Los Angeles Conservancy. Its a 2 hour tour that goes around one block. You can imagine how slow we were walking. After the tour my sister and I felt like we were experts on Victorian architecture and proved it by driving around and identifying all the Victorian elements on houses that we drove past. So if anyone needs help identifying if a house is Victorian or not, you know who to call. The Halliwell Manor was actually a real disappointment. The interior is nothing like the one on the show! Surprise surprise. I still didn't see it coming even after all the lies and trickery that show uses. Still I really enjoyed the tour and it was cheap and helps out a non-profit organization.

Halliwell Manor! Celebrities walked those steps!

 I call this the Asian House. Who knew the abacus could be a design element?

This is the house from Michael Jackson's Thriller music video!

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