Tuesday, June 7, 2011

places people take their lovers but I take my sister...

in this little weekend excursion my sister and i visited a bunch of touristy LA places. we figured since both of us will be moving up to nor-cal soon it would be the only chance to do so. our first spot was the venice canals. if you ever come see it don't pay for street parking, there are free parking spots in the little allys leading into the canal area. the first thing that i noticed when we got out of the car was the smell. it wasn't pleasant. the smell wasn't as strong after we walked around, maybe that one particular spot had some dog turds or w/e. i was on the look-out for the bridge that was in the movie Valentine's Day. After seeing all the bridges, I realized they all looked the same and I cursed myself for not noticing which houses were in the scenes so I could easily locate the bridge. The houses near the canals drew my attention just as much as the picturesque scenery of the canal with the bridges and trees. Going during a friday afternoon is a smart idea because there is barely anyone there and so if you wanted to make out on a bridge with your lover, you totally could, or if you wanted to dress up in rabbit costumes and hop around like the people we saw, that's fine too.

Venice, CA: love the weather and this makes me think of being in the rich countryside

Venice, Italy: crappy weather but gondolas and italian men make up for it :P

next up on a different day: Urban Light which is a sculpture made up of antique street lamps. We went on a sunday so parking was free at the meters and behind the museum is a lot of residential street parking. a lot of couples were here getting their pictures professionally taken. me and my sister would just run around getting into their shots and doing cheesy poses with the lamps.

it's way better to go at night when the lights are on. very romantic even if there are all these other couples doing the same thing. the la brea tar pits are right next door. just one more thing to check off our sightseeing list.


  1. Not to be all YouTube and all, but FIRST! Nice pictures.

  2. who knew Venice, CA would smells like Venice, Italy. i didn't.