Saturday, June 18, 2011

san diego zoo safari park...

my sister, mal, came down to san diego to visit me this weekend. we went to the safari park formerly known as the san diego wild animal park. its $40 for the cheapest entrance and includes the african tram ride and parking is $10. i've been here once before while i was still in college and i'm surprised at how different things are.

we went during a good time because a lot of the animals had babies and young which made it so much more awesome to stare at them and go awww. a gorilla baby is due any moment now and i was really hoping it would be born today. the gorillas were getting fed and the male only ate carrots while one of the females only ate the green veggies. the zookeepers were throwing the food in and one of the females would sit there and only eat the food that she could reach without moving. forgot to add that when the zookeepers were throwing food in, the pregnant female got hit in the face with a carrot and was too slow to deflect it. sad but still really funny :P  the african tram makes the visit to this park totally worth it. you basically get onto a tram and it drives around the open range area of the park where animals are roaming around. there aren't any pedestrian paths so the tram is really the only way to view some of these animals. the only problem i have with the park is that the design for the tiger area isn't that great. the viewing platform for the tiger area is high above and there is a lot of trees and bush coverage in the tiger enclosure so most times you can't even see the tiger. this time just as we were about to leave a family called us back over because a tiger had come out of hiding! this lasted for only a couple of seconds before he was hidden again. the elephant area was pretty cool and it seemed like every female had a baby. a zookeeper tempted a mother elephant into crossing a pond to get food. the baby elephant follows the mother everywhere and so went into the water and he was so small he had to struggle to swim. it was cute watching him wading in and trying to keep up with his mom. his older sibling stayed at the pond bank and was like nope i'm not going in, i know what happens when i get into that water. haha.

male gorilla chewing on a leaf. his favorite veggie seems to be carrots. he went around gathering them and stole some from a female.
baby giraffes! notice how the tree branch is tied onto the barren tree?

baby elephants! this is right before they enter the water.
some more funny moments of the trip occurred due to other visitors. a bunch of kids were visiting and we overheard a kid go " i like the zoo better because it smells here." the man with them told them that was the smell of nature and unfortunately it doesn't smell that great. haha. another one happened when we were looking at the elephants. a woman asked if elephant tusks were made of the same material as human teeth and if the zoo sawed their tusks.


  1. I should go back to that place, I don't think I ever got on the tram ride. On another note, I hate your font.

  2. i changed my font! god such haters...