Friday, June 17, 2011

What a 9-year old girl and I have in common...

so in order to support myself in san diego i've been doing a lot of different jobs. one of them is babysitting for this 9-year old girl. one day while driving her home we were stopped at a red light. i then noticed a cute guy walking down the street and was like hmm cute guy and turned away. the 9-year old goes omg cute guy and i'm like the guy in the maroon shirt?? and shes like yah! it's weird to think this 9 year old girl is checking out the same guy i am, especially since she is so much younger than me. granted this guy looked like he was younger than me but no way was he in the same age bracket as a 9-year old! she then proceeds to tell me that guys her age are only cute and might have the potential of being hot but only when they are older do they reach the status of hotness. haha kids do say the darnedest things!

anyways i haven't been updating because i haven't been doing anything. tho i did have a nice video chat convo with a friend from back home. nothing beats having a guy sing songs to you. more so if the songs are about how awesome i am. just what my ego needs! haha thanks jason :P


  1. damn, that guy must be super cute in order to complete rob the attention of a 9 YEAR OLD. kids really do grown up so fast these days. don't 9 years old still worry about cooties and stuff?