Sunday, July 31, 2011

Do you like Taiwanese boys?

Since I've been back home I've taken to hiding out in my room which is located in the basement. This is to avoid any unnecessary drama my family might have going on and so that I can also avoid having to do stuff for them, like getting called to my parents' room to turn off the lights. Well my mom has found me out and will  come down and instead of having my siblings to buffer me I am trapped while she speaks to me about things. Her favorites topics include me going to grad school and finding a man to settle down with.

Yesterday's conversation started off with "Do you like Taiwanese boys?" - referring to me going to Taiwan. Like I would move to another country because I want to date them... Then she starts telling me the "truth" of the world:

1. Don't be so picky and thinking you can always find someone better. (I should settle for just anyone)
2. You only have a couple of years left to find someone. (If I don't find someone before I'm 30 then I'm sitting on a shelf and never getting off of it)
3. Right now you can flirt all you want but when you get older you'll be lucky if anyone chooses you.
4. In a couple of years if you don't date anyone I will pass your picture around and actively try to find you a man. (I dread the day this will come)

Sorry to disappoint you mom but I'm not interested. I'm sure my mom is getting grey hairs worrying that she won't be getting any grandchildren from me. I moaned to my sister about the fact that our mom isn't on her case about settling down and getting married because she is only a year younger than me. My sister told me its because I am the oldest and if I don't get married she won't be able to. Haha. Its actually funny because my only male cousin had to wait to marry his girlfriend of some plus years until his older sister got married. I'm sure my sisters will all get married before me and I'll just be the awesome aunt who travels everywhere and brings back cool presents. I wonder if I can beard myself and marry one of my gay friends?

blast from the past...

What I remembered fondly from college was Summit parties, called that because either a person from work was hosting or so many people from work was there we just ended taking it over. I had fun chanting "Summit! Summit!" at those things. Haha hecka dorkish. Anyways after Summit closed and we moved over to Goodys, parties were still fun but I became the oldest person at these things...

camera whoring it up!
With friends my own age we went from dressing skanky and partying it up to just eating and vegging out...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

to bowl and then to bang!

Chris' birthday was on the 18th and we celebrated with some bowling at Serra Bowl. $20 for an hour and $4 for shoe rentals. On Wednesdays its supposedly super cheap like $2.50 per game. Joci told me to get Chris a can of peaches so I did. I decided to make it all artsy and so made my own patterned paper to wrap around the can.

Chris had invited his friend, Jeff, from high school to join us. Another fourth wheel situation is about to occur... When I met Jeff I realized he seemed super familiar and had no idea why. I guess he felt the same way because we found out we went to the same middle school. Small world. I made the very first strike in the game! Then I made another one! It was down to the last round and no one else had made any other strikes and I was hoping I'll be the only one. That of course is when everyone made a strike in the last round and my score was the lowest :( I realize I just progressively get worst as I continue to play. The second game was so horrendous I didn't even take a picture of the score. 

only one not to pass 100!! :(
Later on we went over to Jeff's house to play Bang. I love Bang but with 4 people its not as fun. Nothing can compare to those games we played down in San Diego. I need people to play Bang with me in SF!!

Note: PEOPLE STOP COMMENTING AS ANONYMOUS! I know who you are but I would prefer to see some names and it is not hard to put your name down! Lazy people!

Friday, July 29, 2011

eat eat eat and then dance the weight off!

Early in the morning after making another trip to the TECO office, my sister and I had dessert crepes at Crepe Temptations on Judah and 31st. Dessert crepes over savory crepes any day! I ordered a plain crepe with nutella, bananas, strawberries, whip cream and lychee ice cream and cost around $7. The cook gave me vanilla ice cream but having been in food service for so many years I didn't want to be a beezy about it. I was surprised they sliced the bananas but didn't slice the strawberries and just placed them whole on top of the crepe... I prefer the crepes here rather than the one at Genki's located on Clement. The crepes at Genki places whole strawberries just on top of the crepe which made it difficult to eat because you either had to eat all the fruits or move some aside and eat the ice cream below. However after awhile you were forced to eat the fruit or have it fall and then you would just be left with a crepe with only ice cream... I would really prefer if they just sliced the fruits and put them within the crepe rather than just taking the easy route and placing the fruit on top!

I had dinner with my family and actually paid. I wonder if this is me growing up when I pay for family meals?!? Later, I drove over to meet up Aric, Di, Erica, Tim and Tiffany in the Castro. We went to The Cafe which was playing all the trance versions of top 40's. The trancey part of the music made it not as danceable. Then went to El Farolito in the Mission for some Mexican food! There was a crazy lady pushing an empty baby stroller in the restaurant but then the big as a mountain security guard told her to leave. After a night of clubbing Mexican food is always the way to go whether its in SF or SD!

Am wondering if I should give this group a name? Maybe the Dance Crew? The Grinders? Lol.

was seriously considering putting the one with Di making a face to teach her a lesson to not mess up my pics :P
Learned today that when trying to authenticate your diploma it goes by region. Since my diploma is from UCSD I should have sent it to the TECO office in LA. Good thing I had a sealed copy of my transcripts so the lady at the TECO office could process it for me. I think it's stupid to have to get it authenticate in the region where your school is located...waste of time and money for postage.

it's possible to be a fourth wheel...

So met up with some friends, Joci and Chris, whom I met at UCSD but they actually attended different high schools in the city. Not just different high schools but the two that Lincoln competed with the most.  Haha yes I had to add the backstory...

We had lunch at Outerlands on Judah St in Sunset. This place was super hipster and definitely not somewhere I would have found or gone to if I was by myself. So yay again for going outside my comfort zone of Asian food. The whole restaurant was done in this woodsy/outdoor decor which was pretty cool. Joci's sister ended up joining us and this is where I went from a third wheeler to a 4th wheeler. I ordered the grilled cheese sandwich without the combo which was $5. Pretty good deal and the sandwich was big. I even had some left over. Anyways as I sat there eating my sandwich the three of them start cutting away samples of their own sandwiches and passing it to each other. From Joci to her sister, from sister to Joci, from Joci to Chris and vice versa. I just sat there eating my grilled cheese with no one passing me any of their stuff! Can I say it was awkward and lonely?? Poor me :( Never trust a couple when they say you won't feel like a third wheel or rather a fourth wheel. It was fun to rag on them later about doing that to me and I would rather be a third wheeler than not hang out with them at all but for sure I would prefer if Matt would come with us to even it all out!

you eat this sandwich with a knife and fork because that's how classy I am

cool decor. they had awesome small wooden chairs to sit on!

House of Full House

Went to Bistro SF Grill on California, which sells burgers, with Stan. We parked on Broderick street and we saw a bunch of people taking pictures in front of this house. I asked one of them why the house was so special thinking a celebrity lived there or was in a television house. He told me it was the House of Full House! I was surprised because I always thought that the location of that house was with the Painted Ladies over by Alamo Square. Forgot my camera that day but ended going back to this place like 3x. The address for this place is 1709 Broderick Street, cross street is Pine!

So back to the food. If people know me I'm not much of a burger fan either. Apparently this place serves specialty burgers made of ostrich and alligator. They ran out of the ostrich so Stan ordered the alligator one. Alligator meat wasn't that good. I ordered the Geisha which is Idaho Kobe Beef topped with gorgonzola cheese, roasted bell peppers and sauteed mushrooms. I wish I had my camera to take some pictures but the burger was actually pretty good. Yay for trying new things!

$20 sandwiches at Ike's Place...

I've never been a fan of paying for sandwiches because really I only want ham with like a slice of cheese and I don't wanna pay $5+ for just that. Ike's Place is a really well known sandwich shop in the Castro District. I never had an interest in going due to my lack of love for sandwiches. A couple years back Ike's Place was gonna shut down because the landlord wanted the property back. Anyways they kept relocating around SF and have finally settled down a block away from their old place on 16th Street. Phil and I went there like two weeks ago. It has been ages since I've seen Phil since we are never in SF at the same time and he is always traveling! So jealous of him. I ordered the Spiffy Tiffy which has halal chicken, mushrooms, avocado, pesto, provolone, and pepper jack for $10. Far different from my regular old ham sandwiches and way more expensive! My order came with a bag of chips and a caramel apple lollipop. Phil ordered the Doomsday sandwich which cost $20! His half a sandwich was the size of my whole sandwich.

my sandwich was definitely worth the price!
I only manged to finish half of the sandwich. I told my brother he could have some of my leftovers. He ends up eating all of it and then later I see my caramel apple lollipop wrapper in the trashcan! I confront my brother and was like I didn't say you could have the lollipop. He goes well you weren't home and I thought you didn't want it. YAH RIGHT AS IF! He obviously didn't ask me because I would be like HECK NO! Eating my sandwich and taking my candy. Brothers!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Taiwan update...

I've been running around trying to get all my stuff ready to head over to Taiwan. First things first is the Taiwan visa. How it's normally done is that people head over on a tourist visa and then once in Taiwan the school sends the paperwork in for the work visa. That's because the school/company needs to vouch for you in order for someone to get a work visa and most won't do it without you being there. American citizens can enter Taiwan for at least 30 days without a visa but usually it takes longer than 30 days to get a work visa so you might have to do a visa run. Fly to another place and then enter again but tickets usually cost more than a visa. Anyways I checked out the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) for information about my visa and lets just say its pretty lacking. They basically only have the application you can print out and no information that I could see about what documents you need to provide and how much it would cost. Calling them really depends on luck. I left messages and they never called back and one time I happen to catch the woman in the office who answered my questions in this annoyed, you're bugging me voice. So I'm gonna list the stuff you actually need in case anyone ever needs a tourist visa for Taiwan.

1. Passport (pretty given) but it should be valid for at least 90 days following departure date from Taiwan.
2. 2 passport photos
3. Itinerary (proof that you actually plan to leave)
4. Bank statement
5. $140 cash or check only

It took less than a week for my visa to be completed. Next thing most schools would ask for will be an authentication of your diploma. Again the TECO website offers no help. I thought I would just need the authentication form and my diploma. No such luck. When I got to the TECO office I learned I also needed all of the following stuff.

1. colored copy of passport
2. 2 copies of diploma
3. diploma
4. official school transcript
5. $15 processing fee cash or check only

If you don't give them 2 copies of your diploma they will authenticate your official one which I didn't want happening. They usually authenticate the copy so that is good and it takes only a couple of days. Also if you want to drive a scooter in Taiwan you are going to need a International Drivers Permit. Only two places in America are authorized to give them and that is AAA and National Automobile Club. So don't fall for any of those websites that will translate your drivers license and you can just drive around with that because SCAM SCAM SCAM alert! Once you fill out the application and provide 2 passport photos and $15 it just takes a couple minutes if you go into an AAA office.

So that is what I've been doing so far on the Taiwan front. I'm driving across the city to TECO more often than I want and the women who work there are not friendly...

huffing and puffing

I'm sure by now everyone has heard of the tiled staircase on 16th Avenue and Moraga. I've only been there once in the dark so I really wanted the chance to take pictures of it, so Jason and I went. The staircase is pretty amazing. I can't believe how much time and work it took to actually complete it, a couple of years! Anyways at the top of these stairs and then up some more is the Grand View Park which has one bench that gives you a great view of San Francisco. A perfect date spot so of course Jason and I had to play it up and do some pretending. Walking up the 163 steps of the tiled staircase and then another hundred or so to get to the park my legs were literally quivering. Jason beside me didn't even seem out of breathe and I didn't know if he just wasn't winded or a very good hider but I was dying. Shows me how out of shape I am. My legs were sore the next day. Lol so sad!

I never realized just how big Golden Gate Park is. It goes across like half the city! Besides the park there are also so many trees everywhere, something that is nice to see. I love how the city is so green and family orientated with the closing off Golden Gate Park on the weekends so people can bike, walk, etc on the streets. The free concerts at Stern Grove and all the other various activities they have that are free to the people. AWESOME! Just reminds me how much I love this city.

emo Jason
 Later on that day my sister and I went and guess who we ran into..... JUSTIN BIEBER! Haha his cardboard cutout. Of course I had to get a picture with it. Doubt that kid is taller than me tho...
Oh how you flirt with me Justin!

Friday, July 22, 2011

my first time clubbing in SF!

I've never actually gone clubbing with my friends in SF before. I've gone clubbing in Castro once before but it's a different experience. Anyways Erica, Di, Aric and I went to the Parlor which is a lounge bar place located near Fisherman's Wharf with plenty of free parking and no cover before 11pm or something. When I saw that it was a lounge I was like ughhh I haven't had fun in lounges because of the no dancing and since I don't drink it is kind of pointless but thankfully this one had a dance floor. One big difference I noticed is that my friends here love to go early because they don't want to pay for cover which I agree with. My friends in SD would love to go early too but we always end up being so late that we needa pay!

Another big difference from SD is that because all of us live at home with our families we are forced to pre-party in the car and there is no way to transfer it into plastic bottles. I was laughing hardcore at this part just because of the fancy bottle where you needed a corkscrew and the fact that it was happening in the car all ghetto like.

Erica and I almost got into a fight1 There was this d-bag next to us who literally THREW his cup at my feet. It splashed onto my legs and I was like WTF why did you throw it at us?!? Instead of apologizing this guy goes it was empty and saying it slipped out of his hand which was total bull. This got me super mad and Erica leaped to my defense! Yay for good friends! All of his friends started trying to back him and talk us down but we weren't backing down! Actually I was very surprised at myself just because I usually don't like confrontation and am one of those peoples to let things go but this guy really needed to hear it just so he doesn't do the same crap to someone else. I'm glad I stood up for myself and I'm glad to know I have friends who would too!!

Free champagne for girls before 11! This is all just for posing, no one drank it since it was nasty!

The fedora Aric was wearing dropped amongst our feet and when we raised it up to see if the owner would reclaim it we got no hits. So Di took it home! Yay score a new hat! There was a lot of guys wearing fedoras and plaid shirts. Is that the new clubbing wear? Its been awhile since I've gone so its either the latest thing or maybe it's an SF thing? The Parlor had some pretty good music, yay for top 40s instead of all that techno house stuff clubs usually play. But the scene here was definitely older and there was a lot of tourists here because of the location in the tourist zone. All in all I had a good time.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I swear I really do scrapbook!

I've been getting a lot of crap for not posting anything scrapbooking related on my blog and I finally managed to do a page which is super simple (my kind of style) but took a long time because I'm watching TV while doing it. I end up get sucked into the television drama and ignore the page for awhile. Then I have to regroup and try to get enough inspiration to continue my page. Usually I scrapbook in fits and starts. I would get an itch to scrap and then do a whole bunch of pages in one go and then not touch it for months at a time.

I'm gonna include pictures of layouts prior to doing my journaling because I tend to get all personal on my journaling and don't want ppls to read it. People who I force to look at my scrapbooks in person tend to not read it anyways because they just like to "ooooh and ahh" at the pictures. Anyone who tries to read it and I catch them doing it gets me as their personal neck-breather where I stare them down and start flipping pages for them so they don't have a chance to dwell on whats being written. Haha.

pictures with all my youngsters! miss them so much!! Can you tell I'm a year behind?

Here is where all the magic will happen but probably not since I'm leaving soon. This desk isn't quite as large as the desk I had in SD so it was a bit hard trying to consolidate everything and to arrange it so that I have easy access to my essentials. My clip it ups (the big and small spinny things) hold all my important embellishments! The white spinny thing from Making Memories holds all my tools like tape guns, pens, exacto knives, hole punches, etc. The white baskets on my desk hold different type of adhesives, mists, embellies, etc. Baskets on the bottom hold embellishments I haven't used in awhile and paper pads that I don't use. This is the pile from which I give to my friends when they need to do something creative. The board above my desk holds some of the postcards I've collected on my travels. A majority of them are above my bed on my magnet boards. If people still remember being in my room I have replaced pictures of my friends with postcards. :P

This sits right next to my desk and isn't very convenient but it's better than nothing. The Cropper Hopper paper storage bins (both black and clearish white) holds my patterned paper and solid papers respectively. The white and black boxes holds some of my clear acrylic stamps. The cork board above holds what little jewelry I have. I painted them myself with a lot of help from my sister who has a steadier hand than me. It's not hard to do just need some acrylic paint, painters tape and a foam brush. Also I like storing my jewelry this way because it makes it part of the room decor while also being very accessible. Hope all this stuff proves I really am a scrapbooker and not just saying it. Most people when they see my stuff are shocked at how much I actually have. Lets just say I need a job to feed my scrapbooking addiction :D

explore what???

A couple weeks back I went to the Exploratorium and the Japanese Tea Garden with my family. Had to wake up at an ungodly hour of 9am to get into the Tea Garden for free. I hate going to places during the summer because there are a lot of tourists and I don't like having them in my pictures. I love being a tourist tho so I'm just a hypocrite. Anyways there was a German Biker Group there wearing their leather jackets and drinking tea in the overpriced pavilion. The garden is pretty but I wouldn't pay money to see it. It's also very small. It took us less than 30 minutes to wander around and pose for cheesy tourist pictures before we were outta there to take advantage of the free museum day. Free entrance to most museums on the first Wednesday of every month. Avoid this day if you are willing to pay cash because the lines are super long at EVERY museum. All the schools go on this day even though you think school groups would get a discount of some sort since its for the education of our youth. Anyways when we were at the Exploratorium which my sister was raving about and saying it was super cool and how its changed and is a lot better than before, we found out that Jason Segal's new movie Five-Year Engagement was being filmed in San Francisco. With a little help from my friend Jason, was able to find out that they were filming in Alamo Square but no news about filming at the Palace of Fine Arts. There was a lot of movie trucks there but we couldn't find any celebrities. My brother and I thought that by screaming Jason Segal's name he would automatically show his face...No such luck. In my opinion it's probably the worst day to film there with the place swarming with tourists and locals alike trying to take advantage of the free museum day. They took out the shadow box thing in the Exploratorium which sucks since jumping around and freezing your shadow was probably the coolest thing in there.

being zen-like with buddha

drinking from a toilet the right way...

this is what will happen to me if I continue to order 2 large boxes of french fries at a time

the natural order of things in my house

Saturday, July 16, 2011

house boats and dumplings...

Mal found out that one of the main attractions of Sausilito was the house boats and so we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge to go look at them. Its basically houses in the water with a wooden walkway between them. It reminded me a lot of the Venice Canals in LA but the houses weren't little mansions and I wondered how they got sewage and electricity... There's apparently a tour you can do of these houses but we just went in and walked around and pretended we were interested in buying a house boat so excuse our trespassing. Then we walked around downtown Sausilito which I'm sure is probably the only place anyone visits if they ride the ferry here because to go anywhere else would require a car or for you to ride public transportation. It's nice to see some buildings we actually remembered from our youth since it has been a long long time since we've been here. Went to a store selling random cute stuff and saw they had a perve mirror. The perve mirror is basically a mirror on a long stick. You can use it to walk around and look up people's skirts and when you're playing card games you would reach your mirror behind peoples backs to spy on what cards they have. Well that's how I would use it and that's how I've seen it used in shows and stuff, I really have no clue why you would need a mirror on a stick besides for the reasons I mentioned.

pretty pretty! you can also walk amongst them
Later that night I helped my mom and grandma in making potstickers by hand. Because of a situation that happened in SD I will define potstickers as being a little baggy of meat wrapped in a flour skin thing, kinda like a won ton but you fry it. If you still don't get it then go buy a bag of Ling Lings at Costco and just shout potstickers over and over. I found that this does not help but its fun to do. Anyways apparently to make the filling you need a whole bunch of meat, pork was what we used, have it all mashed up, add some green onions and little bit of veggies with soy sauce and vinegar. Then you spoon it into a potsticker wrapper that can be purchased in Chinatown or wherever Asian foods are sold. The wrapping it into a potsticker is a pain because I can't do the folds and so I just did it in half and filled it with a lot of meat. My grandma got on my case because she said I was putting too much meat and we weren't going to be able to fill all the potsticker skins.
bowl of filling, water to seal potstickers with, and nicely made ones by my mom
these were my crappy attempts...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

does anyone remember...

malibu grand prix, the arcade, mini-golfing, and go-karting place 30 mins outside of the city? It's like a Boomers for all the so-cal ppls. My sister wanted to go because she had all these tickets and wanted to buy food with them. We brought our mom and my bro. Not much to say about this place except there seems to be the place to be for high schoolers. My sis hit the 1000 ticket jackpot at the fishing game. Everyone whose been to Dave and Busters should recognize the gigantic wheel that you "spin" to pretend you're catching a fish. My brother and I spent a lot of time searching the floor for dropped tokens and tickets! Haha I found so many and the first one I found I played that slap the button to stop the light at the jackpot spot to win a lot of tickets and I hit the jackpot! I can't imagine how many times I've played that game before in different arcades and I've never ever got the jackpot. Today was our lucky day! We spent all our tickets on food. Lol. Then we went mini-golfing. My mom really sucks at this game and I got a hole-in one! I got 3rd place and I feel super cheated. Towards the end we just walked over and played at holes with pretty structures. I feel like 18 holes is a bit much because it gets pretty boring after awhile, I don't know how anyone can stand the whole 18 rounds of real golf where there isn't even any interesting chutes and holes to get the ball through.

First spin! 1000 tickets baby!
This is how 1000 tickets look like just spilling all over the floor.
Included this because it's such an artisy photo of my family!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

bbq recap...

Yes, I'm super slow at blogging and so everything I've done in the past few weeks is only now getting posted. Peoples who I hang with and actually read this must be wondering when they will be mentioned and now is the time! Jason had a BBQ at his house and I'm not sure if it was for July 4th or not. I wonder if I bust out his name like that people are gonna be like "Why weren't we invited?" Well you can interrogate him and ask, I was only in charge of bringing hot dogs which no one even ate and so are sitting in Jason's basement fridge. There was a lot of food and a lot of just chilling and talking. Everyone there was from my high school and not my usual group of people. But I enjoyed hanging with them because everyone was so chill just messing around and acting like kids instead of you know discussing big adult stuff. I beat Jason at basketball but I guess I had an unfair advantage being that I was a fifth grade basketball champ. Running around is hard now and I get all wheezy. Yah yah I need to exercise and be healthy. Then there was like a 4 vs 3 player Foosball game where each person basically controlled one row of players. There was no coordination but my side won! I contribute it to the fact that my constant bashing on Gordon motivated him to stop sucking. :D Forgot to mention that Gordon and Andy were our cooks, someone mentioned Jason cooked in the beginning but I didn't see so it doesn't count. I wanted to post a lot of pics but the people in them are telling me that I can't show pics of them making kissy faces so I'll just leave those for my scrapbook :P  A leather belt played a huge role at this BBQ, there was a lot of S&M type of thing going on, the kinkiest BBQ I've been to.

Driving in a car! Yes, Steph actually sits like that in a car.
yard overview, thanks to sam for bending like that to include himself in the pic!
Jason: Spank me Carol! Me: With pleasure!

Monday, July 11, 2011

big news!!

I'm leaving in a month to teach English in Taiwan. I've been looking for jobs abroad ever since I stumbled upon various blogs detailing their amazing life overseas. I don't know about the others but I had a really hard time getting one. I read a lot of the forums and people are always saying with a bachelors degree you have a better advantage even if you don't have a TESOL/TEFL/CELTA (various english teaching certificates). I really didn't want to put down a thousand or so on some courses if I wasn't guaranteed a job. I really think race has a lot to do with it in this job market because in the Asia countries I'm looking to work in, Caucasian faces are associated with better English skills. They always ask for you to send a current picture of yourself before they even contact you for interviews. On one hand I get it because if I wanted to learn Chinese I would look for a Chinese person. On the other it is super frustrating to not get the job and have the same qualities as a million other college graduates. I honestly considered sending in two of the same cover letters and resumes but with different racial pictures just to see if I was just making a big deal out of nothing. Most jobs actually require no teaching experience so it will be interesting to see how it all works out but at least most schools offer some time to teach you their methods. I recommend Dave's ESL Cafe if anyone is interested in teaching abroad.

The whole process for getting my job actually happened a couple months ago when I was still in SD. I was offered a job then but they were offering a part time position with a considerable lower pay. Someone on the forums told me that the school gave someone not of Caucasian origins lower pay for the same amount of hours. Well that was already a warning sign but I managed to get offered the full time better paying job position but someone was picked first because the other person had all their reference letters sent in before mine. Well I thought that was all over and  I would prob never hear from them again. But then a couple days ago the principal sent me a letter asking if I was still interested and that they had a position open but they needed me very soon. Even though I really don't like that whole racist thing going on with the pay wages, beggers can't be choosers and so I ended up canceling my flight to London and booking a one-way flight to Taipei, Taiwan. I still have to process my visa and get my diploma authenticated. I'm grateful I live in SF where most consulate offices reside unlike San Diego where I would have to drive 2 hours to LA just to get things done. I'm really looking forward to being in a different country and experiencing a new thing and being all adventurous. I also feel kinda sad just because I haven't been home for so long where I'm already super frustrated and now I won't be able to spend as much time with my friends and family when I thought I had all the time in the world. Of course everyone is moving on with their lives and I'm sooooo glad to finally see me not bumming around and actually doing something. This wasn't what I had planned at all when I entered college and I actually laughed when I was in high school at the suggestion that I would be a teacher. I'm going to love having to slow down my speech so that the Taiwanese kiddies can understand what I'm saying! At least now my blog will be more adventurous and not be about stuff that everyone already knows and expects :P

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Its been that long...

A couple days back my sis was saying how the Japanese Tea Garden was free after 5pm even tho I told her that it was only free before 10am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We headed to Golden Gate Park around 4pm and hung around the Botanical Gardens first (free for SF residents). My sis, bro, mom and I had a jumping contest to see who could jump higher than this small tree. My bro won which was a huge surprise to all of us. Afterwards when we were trying to get into the Tea Garden the ticket giver was saying the free after 5pm was no longer valid. My sister asked if it changed recently and the person was like it changed like 10 years ago... Lol. I guess it has been that long since we've been there.

we were trying to be the tree but i think we look more like monkeys...
I don't know if anyone has been to the Children's Playground after the renovations. But that was our next destination. It was all about nostalgia. I really don't like this new park, everything that made it cool has been taken away. The crazy metal structure that made playing tag super fun because you could escape by climbing on the outside of the structure all the way down to the sand or to the multiple exits. The round swings that only swung if there were people who stood up on a ledge and pumped with their legs. The super long stone slide that you needed cardboard to go down and a handfull of sand made you go down 10x faster. The slide is still there but its really small now. I feel sad that the kids now can't really experience how awesome the park use to be. I never felt that the park was so unsafe back then that we needed to do the changes. There is some crazy rope structure that's there now but seriously if the metal structure was unsafe this structure with just pieces of rope that you can fall out of isn't so safe either. 
I think you're pose to just jump on this stick and wave around on it. I sense something dirty...

semi-ok rope thing and a lot of plastic play structures

they added this wave sculpture in the place of the metal awesomeness we use to have
All these changes in SF and seeing all my cousin's children growing up so fast makes me realize that since I've been away in San Diego that a lot of things have change and that time does really go by so fast. Who knows in a blink of an eye I'll be 30 and everyone around me will be married and making babies. That's a scary thought...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


so I haven't been posting lately because I've been too busy hanging out with my mom and cleaning my room. lets just say San Francisco isn't very welcoming. The first thing that happens when I get back here is that it started raining and then my room started leaking! My room is on the ground floor and to see my room leaking is pretty bad. With all the stuff in my room from SD and the years of clutter in my room it was a hassle trying to clean the leakage up. Moving back has started a massive clean up in my house, trying to donate and throw away years of untouched stuff is taking a long time, especially when my grandma goes through all the stuff and just keeps taking stuff back... I feel like my mom and my grandma are both hoarders and keep just random items throughout the house as decoration. I just kept chanting "throw it away" and if they could outshout me then they could keep it. They kept nothing. haha.

My sisters mention I haven't showed any scrapbooking related stuff. I will once I clean up my scrapbooking area!