Friday, July 29, 2011

$20 sandwiches at Ike's Place...

I've never been a fan of paying for sandwiches because really I only want ham with like a slice of cheese and I don't wanna pay $5+ for just that. Ike's Place is a really well known sandwich shop in the Castro District. I never had an interest in going due to my lack of love for sandwiches. A couple years back Ike's Place was gonna shut down because the landlord wanted the property back. Anyways they kept relocating around SF and have finally settled down a block away from their old place on 16th Street. Phil and I went there like two weeks ago. It has been ages since I've seen Phil since we are never in SF at the same time and he is always traveling! So jealous of him. I ordered the Spiffy Tiffy which has halal chicken, mushrooms, avocado, pesto, provolone, and pepper jack for $10. Far different from my regular old ham sandwiches and way more expensive! My order came with a bag of chips and a caramel apple lollipop. Phil ordered the Doomsday sandwich which cost $20! His half a sandwich was the size of my whole sandwich.

my sandwich was definitely worth the price!
I only manged to finish half of the sandwich. I told my brother he could have some of my leftovers. He ends up eating all of it and then later I see my caramel apple lollipop wrapper in the trashcan! I confront my brother and was like I didn't say you could have the lollipop. He goes well you weren't home and I thought you didn't want it. YAH RIGHT AS IF! He obviously didn't ask me because I would be like HECK NO! Eating my sandwich and taking my candy. Brothers!

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  1. HAHHAH EDDOS would! freakin' a-hole!