Wednesday, July 13, 2011

bbq recap...

Yes, I'm super slow at blogging and so everything I've done in the past few weeks is only now getting posted. Peoples who I hang with and actually read this must be wondering when they will be mentioned and now is the time! Jason had a BBQ at his house and I'm not sure if it was for July 4th or not. I wonder if I bust out his name like that people are gonna be like "Why weren't we invited?" Well you can interrogate him and ask, I was only in charge of bringing hot dogs which no one even ate and so are sitting in Jason's basement fridge. There was a lot of food and a lot of just chilling and talking. Everyone there was from my high school and not my usual group of people. But I enjoyed hanging with them because everyone was so chill just messing around and acting like kids instead of you know discussing big adult stuff. I beat Jason at basketball but I guess I had an unfair advantage being that I was a fifth grade basketball champ. Running around is hard now and I get all wheezy. Yah yah I need to exercise and be healthy. Then there was like a 4 vs 3 player Foosball game where each person basically controlled one row of players. There was no coordination but my side won! I contribute it to the fact that my constant bashing on Gordon motivated him to stop sucking. :D Forgot to mention that Gordon and Andy were our cooks, someone mentioned Jason cooked in the beginning but I didn't see so it doesn't count. I wanted to post a lot of pics but the people in them are telling me that I can't show pics of them making kissy faces so I'll just leave those for my scrapbook :P  A leather belt played a huge role at this BBQ, there was a lot of S&M type of thing going on, the kinkiest BBQ I've been to.

Driving in a car! Yes, Steph actually sits like that in a car.
yard overview, thanks to sam for bending like that to include himself in the pic!
Jason: Spank me Carol! Me: With pleasure!


  1. The belt is in Jason's hands. Therefore, you cannot spank Him. The only logical thing that's going to happen is Him spanking you.

  2. that's how houses in sf look? if so that's kinda cool.