Sunday, July 31, 2011

Do you like Taiwanese boys?

Since I've been back home I've taken to hiding out in my room which is located in the basement. This is to avoid any unnecessary drama my family might have going on and so that I can also avoid having to do stuff for them, like getting called to my parents' room to turn off the lights. Well my mom has found me out and will  come down and instead of having my siblings to buffer me I am trapped while she speaks to me about things. Her favorites topics include me going to grad school and finding a man to settle down with.

Yesterday's conversation started off with "Do you like Taiwanese boys?" - referring to me going to Taiwan. Like I would move to another country because I want to date them... Then she starts telling me the "truth" of the world:

1. Don't be so picky and thinking you can always find someone better. (I should settle for just anyone)
2. You only have a couple of years left to find someone. (If I don't find someone before I'm 30 then I'm sitting on a shelf and never getting off of it)
3. Right now you can flirt all you want but when you get older you'll be lucky if anyone chooses you.
4. In a couple of years if you don't date anyone I will pass your picture around and actively try to find you a man. (I dread the day this will come)

Sorry to disappoint you mom but I'm not interested. I'm sure my mom is getting grey hairs worrying that she won't be getting any grandchildren from me. I moaned to my sister about the fact that our mom isn't on her case about settling down and getting married because she is only a year younger than me. My sister told me its because I am the oldest and if I don't get married she won't be able to. Haha. Its actually funny because my only male cousin had to wait to marry his girlfriend of some plus years until his older sister got married. I'm sure my sisters will all get married before me and I'll just be the awesome aunt who travels everywhere and brings back cool presents. I wonder if I can beard myself and marry one of my gay friends?

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