Friday, July 29, 2011

eat eat eat and then dance the weight off!

Early in the morning after making another trip to the TECO office, my sister and I had dessert crepes at Crepe Temptations on Judah and 31st. Dessert crepes over savory crepes any day! I ordered a plain crepe with nutella, bananas, strawberries, whip cream and lychee ice cream and cost around $7. The cook gave me vanilla ice cream but having been in food service for so many years I didn't want to be a beezy about it. I was surprised they sliced the bananas but didn't slice the strawberries and just placed them whole on top of the crepe... I prefer the crepes here rather than the one at Genki's located on Clement. The crepes at Genki places whole strawberries just on top of the crepe which made it difficult to eat because you either had to eat all the fruits or move some aside and eat the ice cream below. However after awhile you were forced to eat the fruit or have it fall and then you would just be left with a crepe with only ice cream... I would really prefer if they just sliced the fruits and put them within the crepe rather than just taking the easy route and placing the fruit on top!

I had dinner with my family and actually paid. I wonder if this is me growing up when I pay for family meals?!? Later, I drove over to meet up Aric, Di, Erica, Tim and Tiffany in the Castro. We went to The Cafe which was playing all the trance versions of top 40's. The trancey part of the music made it not as danceable. Then went to El Farolito in the Mission for some Mexican food! There was a crazy lady pushing an empty baby stroller in the restaurant but then the big as a mountain security guard told her to leave. After a night of clubbing Mexican food is always the way to go whether its in SF or SD!

Am wondering if I should give this group a name? Maybe the Dance Crew? The Grinders? Lol.

was seriously considering putting the one with Di making a face to teach her a lesson to not mess up my pics :P
Learned today that when trying to authenticate your diploma it goes by region. Since my diploma is from UCSD I should have sent it to the TECO office in LA. Good thing I had a sealed copy of my transcripts so the lady at the TECO office could process it for me. I think it's stupid to have to get it authenticate in the region where your school is located...waste of time and money for postage.

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