Thursday, July 21, 2011

explore what???

A couple weeks back I went to the Exploratorium and the Japanese Tea Garden with my family. Had to wake up at an ungodly hour of 9am to get into the Tea Garden for free. I hate going to places during the summer because there are a lot of tourists and I don't like having them in my pictures. I love being a tourist tho so I'm just a hypocrite. Anyways there was a German Biker Group there wearing their leather jackets and drinking tea in the overpriced pavilion. The garden is pretty but I wouldn't pay money to see it. It's also very small. It took us less than 30 minutes to wander around and pose for cheesy tourist pictures before we were outta there to take advantage of the free museum day. Free entrance to most museums on the first Wednesday of every month. Avoid this day if you are willing to pay cash because the lines are super long at EVERY museum. All the schools go on this day even though you think school groups would get a discount of some sort since its for the education of our youth. Anyways when we were at the Exploratorium which my sister was raving about and saying it was super cool and how its changed and is a lot better than before, we found out that Jason Segal's new movie Five-Year Engagement was being filmed in San Francisco. With a little help from my friend Jason, was able to find out that they were filming in Alamo Square but no news about filming at the Palace of Fine Arts. There was a lot of movie trucks there but we couldn't find any celebrities. My brother and I thought that by screaming Jason Segal's name he would automatically show his face...No such luck. In my opinion it's probably the worst day to film there with the place swarming with tourists and locals alike trying to take advantage of the free museum day. They took out the shadow box thing in the Exploratorium which sucks since jumping around and freezing your shadow was probably the coolest thing in there.

being zen-like with buddha

drinking from a toilet the right way...

this is what will happen to me if I continue to order 2 large boxes of french fries at a time

the natural order of things in my house

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