Saturday, July 16, 2011

house boats and dumplings...

Mal found out that one of the main attractions of Sausilito was the house boats and so we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge to go look at them. Its basically houses in the water with a wooden walkway between them. It reminded me a lot of the Venice Canals in LA but the houses weren't little mansions and I wondered how they got sewage and electricity... There's apparently a tour you can do of these houses but we just went in and walked around and pretended we were interested in buying a house boat so excuse our trespassing. Then we walked around downtown Sausilito which I'm sure is probably the only place anyone visits if they ride the ferry here because to go anywhere else would require a car or for you to ride public transportation. It's nice to see some buildings we actually remembered from our youth since it has been a long long time since we've been here. Went to a store selling random cute stuff and saw they had a perve mirror. The perve mirror is basically a mirror on a long stick. You can use it to walk around and look up people's skirts and when you're playing card games you would reach your mirror behind peoples backs to spy on what cards they have. Well that's how I would use it and that's how I've seen it used in shows and stuff, I really have no clue why you would need a mirror on a stick besides for the reasons I mentioned.

pretty pretty! you can also walk amongst them
Later that night I helped my mom and grandma in making potstickers by hand. Because of a situation that happened in SD I will define potstickers as being a little baggy of meat wrapped in a flour skin thing, kinda like a won ton but you fry it. If you still don't get it then go buy a bag of Ling Lings at Costco and just shout potstickers over and over. I found that this does not help but its fun to do. Anyways apparently to make the filling you need a whole bunch of meat, pork was what we used, have it all mashed up, add some green onions and little bit of veggies with soy sauce and vinegar. Then you spoon it into a potsticker wrapper that can be purchased in Chinatown or wherever Asian foods are sold. The wrapping it into a potsticker is a pain because I can't do the folds and so I just did it in half and filled it with a lot of meat. My grandma got on my case because she said I was putting too much meat and we weren't going to be able to fill all the potsticker skins.
bowl of filling, water to seal potstickers with, and nicely made ones by my mom
these were my crappy attempts...

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  1. not gonna lie, your dumplings do look sad. some are so chubby and some are so lanky lol. how did they turn out in taste?