Friday, July 29, 2011

House of Full House

Went to Bistro SF Grill on California, which sells burgers, with Stan. We parked on Broderick street and we saw a bunch of people taking pictures in front of this house. I asked one of them why the house was so special thinking a celebrity lived there or was in a television house. He told me it was the House of Full House! I was surprised because I always thought that the location of that house was with the Painted Ladies over by Alamo Square. Forgot my camera that day but ended going back to this place like 3x. The address for this place is 1709 Broderick Street, cross street is Pine!

So back to the food. If people know me I'm not much of a burger fan either. Apparently this place serves specialty burgers made of ostrich and alligator. They ran out of the ostrich so Stan ordered the alligator one. Alligator meat wasn't that good. I ordered the Geisha which is Idaho Kobe Beef topped with gorgonzola cheese, roasted bell peppers and sauteed mushrooms. I wish I had my camera to take some pictures but the burger was actually pretty good. Yay for trying new things!

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