Tuesday, July 26, 2011

huffing and puffing

I'm sure by now everyone has heard of the tiled staircase on 16th Avenue and Moraga. I've only been there once in the dark so I really wanted the chance to take pictures of it, so Jason and I went. The staircase is pretty amazing. I can't believe how much time and work it took to actually complete it, a couple of years! Anyways at the top of these stairs and then up some more is the Grand View Park which has one bench that gives you a great view of San Francisco. A perfect date spot so of course Jason and I had to play it up and do some pretending. Walking up the 163 steps of the tiled staircase and then another hundred or so to get to the park my legs were literally quivering. Jason beside me didn't even seem out of breathe and I didn't know if he just wasn't winded or a very good hider but I was dying. Shows me how out of shape I am. My legs were sore the next day. Lol so sad!

I never realized just how big Golden Gate Park is. It goes across like half the city! Besides the park there are also so many trees everywhere, something that is nice to see. I love how the city is so green and family orientated with the closing off Golden Gate Park on the weekends so people can bike, walk, etc on the streets. The free concerts at Stern Grove and all the other various activities they have that are free to the people. AWESOME! Just reminds me how much I love this city.

emo Jason
 Later on that day my sister and I went and guess who we ran into..... JUSTIN BIEBER! Haha his cardboard cutout. Of course I had to get a picture with it. Doubt that kid is taller than me tho...
Oh how you flirt with me Justin!

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  1. Wow, that guy has a knack for posing in emo photos!