Thursday, July 21, 2011

I swear I really do scrapbook!

I've been getting a lot of crap for not posting anything scrapbooking related on my blog and I finally managed to do a page which is super simple (my kind of style) but took a long time because I'm watching TV while doing it. I end up get sucked into the television drama and ignore the page for awhile. Then I have to regroup and try to get enough inspiration to continue my page. Usually I scrapbook in fits and starts. I would get an itch to scrap and then do a whole bunch of pages in one go and then not touch it for months at a time.

I'm gonna include pictures of layouts prior to doing my journaling because I tend to get all personal on my journaling and don't want ppls to read it. People who I force to look at my scrapbooks in person tend to not read it anyways because they just like to "ooooh and ahh" at the pictures. Anyone who tries to read it and I catch them doing it gets me as their personal neck-breather where I stare them down and start flipping pages for them so they don't have a chance to dwell on whats being written. Haha.

pictures with all my youngsters! miss them so much!! Can you tell I'm a year behind?

Here is where all the magic will happen but probably not since I'm leaving soon. This desk isn't quite as large as the desk I had in SD so it was a bit hard trying to consolidate everything and to arrange it so that I have easy access to my essentials. My clip it ups (the big and small spinny things) hold all my important embellishments! The white spinny thing from Making Memories holds all my tools like tape guns, pens, exacto knives, hole punches, etc. The white baskets on my desk hold different type of adhesives, mists, embellies, etc. Baskets on the bottom hold embellishments I haven't used in awhile and paper pads that I don't use. This is the pile from which I give to my friends when they need to do something creative. The board above my desk holds some of the postcards I've collected on my travels. A majority of them are above my bed on my magnet boards. If people still remember being in my room I have replaced pictures of my friends with postcards. :P

This sits right next to my desk and isn't very convenient but it's better than nothing. The Cropper Hopper paper storage bins (both black and clearish white) holds my patterned paper and solid papers respectively. The white and black boxes holds some of my clear acrylic stamps. The cork board above holds what little jewelry I have. I painted them myself with a lot of help from my sister who has a steadier hand than me. It's not hard to do just need some acrylic paint, painters tape and a foam brush. Also I like storing my jewelry this way because it makes it part of the room decor while also being very accessible. Hope all this stuff proves I really am a scrapbooker and not just saying it. Most people when they see my stuff are shocked at how much I actually have. Lets just say I need a job to feed my scrapbooking addiction :D


  1. i like the layout, it's making the pukey green of the goodies shirt actually not pukey haha.

    you painted your cork board? into purple?

  2. Oh how I miss all of your scrapbooking stuff!