Friday, July 29, 2011

it's possible to be a fourth wheel...

So met up with some friends, Joci and Chris, whom I met at UCSD but they actually attended different high schools in the city. Not just different high schools but the two that Lincoln competed with the most.  Haha yes I had to add the backstory...

We had lunch at Outerlands on Judah St in Sunset. This place was super hipster and definitely not somewhere I would have found or gone to if I was by myself. So yay again for going outside my comfort zone of Asian food. The whole restaurant was done in this woodsy/outdoor decor which was pretty cool. Joci's sister ended up joining us and this is where I went from a third wheeler to a 4th wheeler. I ordered the grilled cheese sandwich without the combo which was $5. Pretty good deal and the sandwich was big. I even had some left over. Anyways as I sat there eating my sandwich the three of them start cutting away samples of their own sandwiches and passing it to each other. From Joci to her sister, from sister to Joci, from Joci to Chris and vice versa. I just sat there eating my grilled cheese with no one passing me any of their stuff! Can I say it was awkward and lonely?? Poor me :( Never trust a couple when they say you won't feel like a third wheel or rather a fourth wheel. It was fun to rag on them later about doing that to me and I would rather be a third wheeler than not hang out with them at all but for sure I would prefer if Matt would come with us to even it all out!

you eat this sandwich with a knife and fork because that's how classy I am

cool decor. they had awesome small wooden chairs to sit on!

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