Friday, July 22, 2011

my first time clubbing in SF!

I've never actually gone clubbing with my friends in SF before. I've gone clubbing in Castro once before but it's a different experience. Anyways Erica, Di, Aric and I went to the Parlor which is a lounge bar place located near Fisherman's Wharf with plenty of free parking and no cover before 11pm or something. When I saw that it was a lounge I was like ughhh I haven't had fun in lounges because of the no dancing and since I don't drink it is kind of pointless but thankfully this one had a dance floor. One big difference I noticed is that my friends here love to go early because they don't want to pay for cover which I agree with. My friends in SD would love to go early too but we always end up being so late that we needa pay!

Another big difference from SD is that because all of us live at home with our families we are forced to pre-party in the car and there is no way to transfer it into plastic bottles. I was laughing hardcore at this part just because of the fancy bottle where you needed a corkscrew and the fact that it was happening in the car all ghetto like.

Erica and I almost got into a fight1 There was this d-bag next to us who literally THREW his cup at my feet. It splashed onto my legs and I was like WTF why did you throw it at us?!? Instead of apologizing this guy goes it was empty and saying it slipped out of his hand which was total bull. This got me super mad and Erica leaped to my defense! Yay for good friends! All of his friends started trying to back him and talk us down but we weren't backing down! Actually I was very surprised at myself just because I usually don't like confrontation and am one of those peoples to let things go but this guy really needed to hear it just so he doesn't do the same crap to someone else. I'm glad I stood up for myself and I'm glad to know I have friends who would too!!

Free champagne for girls before 11! This is all just for posing, no one drank it since it was nasty!

The fedora Aric was wearing dropped amongst our feet and when we raised it up to see if the owner would reclaim it we got no hits. So Di took it home! Yay score a new hat! There was a lot of guys wearing fedoras and plaid shirts. Is that the new clubbing wear? Its been awhile since I've gone so its either the latest thing or maybe it's an SF thing? The Parlor had some pretty good music, yay for top 40s instead of all that techno house stuff clubs usually play. But the scene here was definitely older and there was a lot of tourists here because of the location in the tourist zone. All in all I had a good time.


  1. i like the parlor! it actually depends on when you go. the first time i went, it was college night and everyone and their asian sorority/frat was there... i was there for a friend's bday :p the second time i went it was like some techno night, and that was kinda meh, and filled with tons of white people. i dont remember much from that night because i passed out :p

  2. LOL pretty much sums up our night. Good times! Glad we finally went dancing together Carol. =] And I still say Aric looks like a granny in the fedora.