Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Taiwan update...

I've been running around trying to get all my stuff ready to head over to Taiwan. First things first is the Taiwan visa. How it's normally done is that people head over on a tourist visa and then once in Taiwan the school sends the paperwork in for the work visa. That's because the school/company needs to vouch for you in order for someone to get a work visa and most won't do it without you being there. American citizens can enter Taiwan for at least 30 days without a visa but usually it takes longer than 30 days to get a work visa so you might have to do a visa run. Fly to another place and then enter again but tickets usually cost more than a visa. Anyways I checked out the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) for information about my visa and lets just say its pretty lacking. They basically only have the application you can print out and no information that I could see about what documents you need to provide and how much it would cost. Calling them really depends on luck. I left messages and they never called back and one time I happen to catch the woman in the office who answered my questions in this annoyed, you're bugging me voice. So I'm gonna list the stuff you actually need in case anyone ever needs a tourist visa for Taiwan.

1. Passport (pretty given) but it should be valid for at least 90 days following departure date from Taiwan.
2. 2 passport photos
3. Itinerary (proof that you actually plan to leave)
4. Bank statement
5. $140 cash or check only

It took less than a week for my visa to be completed. Next thing most schools would ask for will be an authentication of your diploma. Again the TECO website offers no help. I thought I would just need the authentication form and my diploma. No such luck. When I got to the TECO office I learned I also needed all of the following stuff.

1. colored copy of passport
2. 2 copies of diploma
3. diploma
4. official school transcript
5. $15 processing fee cash or check only

If you don't give them 2 copies of your diploma they will authenticate your official one which I didn't want happening. They usually authenticate the copy so that is good and it takes only a couple of days. Also if you want to drive a scooter in Taiwan you are going to need a International Drivers Permit. Only two places in America are authorized to give them and that is AAA and National Automobile Club. So don't fall for any of those websites that will translate your drivers license and you can just drive around with that because SCAM SCAM SCAM alert! Once you fill out the application and provide 2 passport photos and $15 it just takes a couple minutes if you go into an AAA office.

So that is what I've been doing so far on the Taiwan front. I'm driving across the city to TECO more often than I want and the women who work there are not friendly...


  1. Sounds so annoying. I would have given up already!!

  2. thanks edmund for calling it boring maybe i should put pictures of you up and it won't be so boring anymore!