Saturday, July 30, 2011

to bowl and then to bang!

Chris' birthday was on the 18th and we celebrated with some bowling at Serra Bowl. $20 for an hour and $4 for shoe rentals. On Wednesdays its supposedly super cheap like $2.50 per game. Joci told me to get Chris a can of peaches so I did. I decided to make it all artsy and so made my own patterned paper to wrap around the can.

Chris had invited his friend, Jeff, from high school to join us. Another fourth wheel situation is about to occur... When I met Jeff I realized he seemed super familiar and had no idea why. I guess he felt the same way because we found out we went to the same middle school. Small world. I made the very first strike in the game! Then I made another one! It was down to the last round and no one else had made any other strikes and I was hoping I'll be the only one. That of course is when everyone made a strike in the last round and my score was the lowest :( I realize I just progressively get worst as I continue to play. The second game was so horrendous I didn't even take a picture of the score. 

only one not to pass 100!! :(
Later on we went over to Jeff's house to play Bang. I love Bang but with 4 people its not as fun. Nothing can compare to those games we played down in San Diego. I need people to play Bang with me in SF!!

Note: PEOPLE STOP COMMENTING AS ANONYMOUS! I know who you are but I would prefer to see some names and it is not hard to put your name down! Lazy people!

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