Thursday, August 18, 2011

asian snacks i don't see in america

So I'm gonna prob start a series of posts concerning snacks I find in Asian that I haven't seen in America. Either it is by brands we all know but with funky flavors not known to us or just things we would never be able to eat.

Hi chews!! Lychee and tang who lou
 Ok reviews on these unique flavors of Hi-chew. The lychee one is obviously delicious because lychees are freaking yummy and it cost me $12NT. This other one is the flavor of dried plum or something wrapped in a sugar commonly found on sticks in what I presume by the picture is a nightmarket. I think they are found in dramas based in the olden days. Well let me just tell you that these are not good. It tastes like a plum but then has this weird grainy texture with some weird aftertaste. A fellow teacher said it tasted salty.. I gave some to locals who seemed to like it so it must be an acquired taste and this flavor was so much more expensive at $18NT.

chicken drumsticks
Bought this at the daymarket for breakfast, 3 drumsticks for $100NT. Felt kind of ripped out but a lot of other people were buying it too so I thought it must have been a good deal. You select which pieces you want and put it in a metal bowl and the seller shakes this concoction of what I believe is salt all over it. The skin was very good but not anything special in particular.


  1. I felt the same way about the chicken too!

  2. Can you get me the Lychee hi-chews?!?!1 they dont sell them in the US anymore! and i miss them

  3. they totally sell those Hi-Chews here in the states...but the price is outrageous!!! yah for such yummies.