Friday, August 12, 2011

creeping on those UCLA students

The next day the Trio (Erica, Di, and I) headed over to the Blu Jam Cafe because supposedly it has a very good brunch menu. I'm not a fan of breakfast or brunch foods but the other two love that stuff... I ordered a Kamil's Breakfast which consisted of pan-fried macaroni (which is what caught my eye) scrambled with eggs, smoked bacon, ham, garlic, chives and cheddar. My dish was good but could have been better. In my opinion the eggs made it not as good and it needed more salt. Di's french toast was the best french toast I've ever had.

my dish: loved all the meat
Then we spent a couple of hours shopping on Melrose where the restaurant is located then to the Beverly Center and then on to Westwood to go to Top Shoes or w/e those UCLA students go to buy cheap shoes. Then Erica and I had to go pick up Aric at the airport and we met up with some of his friends to an all you can eat Korean bbq buffet at Road to Seoul. The place was good especially for the price of $17.99 but they didn't even have BBQ Pork! That makes it a bummer in my opinion and then we all smelled of Korean BBQ when we headed over to Busby's East to meet up Janice and her bf Mike.
 There's also a Busby's West which is supposedly bigger. Anyways the place was decent with good music but the dance floor was more like the aisle between booths and there were too many UCLA students. I just felt old dancing next to these peoples and being all creeperish. We didn't stay long. Lol. I cannot hang with the college crowd anymore they are too energetic!

I decided that a pic of us all looking crazy/gross would be better than having one person look all nice :P

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