Tuesday, August 9, 2011

dim sum time!

In SF I usually eat dim sum with my family and usually at the same place in Chinatown. When I know people are visiting SF and want to eat dim sum I usually tell them to go to the same place. I've never gone with friends in SF and with my friends in SD I'm usually the only one who speaks Canto. With my friends in SD I have friends who are vegetarians or who are allergic to shrimp and all I ever order are shrimp dishes or stuff with meat and I have no freaking clue whats in the other stuff. I wonder if there is dim sum in Taiwan? Below are pictures of some of my favorite dim sum dishes:

tea is only real with tea leaves! they used tea bags in SD...
haa gok: kind of like a fried potsticker filled with shrimp and a sweet ranch dipping sauce
paigu: steamed spare ribs with black beans! love them the most!
haa coeng: rice noodle roll with shrimp. the skin makes it or breaks it. beware of bumpy "chicken skin" consistency
doufu hua: sweet tofu with sugar syrup
har gow: shrimp dumplings


  1. i saw this post and went out and got some dim sum the next day. lol.

  2. what spot do u go to in chinatown? Had char leong for the first time the other day--and it is freaking amazing. on second thought, it has peanut sauce. u can't eat it. LOL woops

  3. What the f is up with your names for these dishes? It's not phonetically correct! People will think that's the way they're pronounced!

  4. they are in mandarin fool! i found them on wiki. they don't do cantonese ok??