Sunday, August 21, 2011

disappointment in taiwan...

After my health check, Jill, the teacher I'm replacing, picked me up on her scooter to have lunch with her and her couch surfer. Since Jill is a vegetarian we went to a vegetarian place. The menu was all in Chinese and since I was the only Asian person in the group, the waitress kept speaking to me in Mandarin. I spoke English the whole time and the waitress didn't realize I didn't speak Mandarin until Jill said I was an American. The waitress then pointed at her hair, implying I wasn't blonde. Yay for America stereotype...

cheese curry
The cheese curry was delicious. There was potatoes and imitation meat inside. I've had imitation meat in America but it wasn't very believable. The consistency of this fake meat I think is closer to actual meat they served in Taiwan. I only knew about this dish because Jill has had it before when she had lunch with the head teacher because otherwise she would never have been able to read it. Again seawood soup with my meal and dessert was grass jelly.

At the Erchong school there is no meals included like the Zhudong school. The only thing close by the school was an OK Mart where I brought several more snacks to tide me over for the night.

The Golden Cheese Doritos are thicker than the Doritos I've had in America. When I opened my bag at the Erchong school. Students ran up to me asking for one. I made them speak in English before they could get one. I made students learn my name this way. Haha bribery wins every time! The Lay's chips are Kyushu Seaweed which I'm pretty sure is found only in Asia, especially with the love the Taiwanese have for seaweed. The chips are nasty. I ate one and gave the whole bag of chips away to the kids. The Hi-Chew flavor this time is vanilla? pudding. I've actually seen the item this flavor is based on. Well the flavor is funky. I still have some left which is an indicator that I am not a big fan of this. It isn't as bad as the plum candy flavor but I'll probably only eat it when I'm super desperate for junk food. I don't think there are any more flavors of Hi-Chew left that I haven't tried. That roundish can potato sticks flavored in a slightly spicy flavor. Pretty good.

Now for the most disappointing food moment in Taiwan. I've been super excited to try authentic shaved ice since I've had it in LA. Well after a demonstration at the newest school, my principal, the director of my school Yvonne, and our IT guy Eamon went out to get shaved ice. This is what I got...

shaved ice with brown sugar syrup
Depending on how many toppings you choose the price differs. I picked mango, mochi, and jelly. Then they drizzled brown sugar syrup all over it. The ice was like the ones in American shaved ice where the colored syrup is poured over it. I didn't think was good at all. It definitely wasn't as good as the one in LA. I was so disappointed and then I started thinking that this was the only version of shaved ice in Taiwan. This is the one I see on pictures all around Zhudong. I was so freaked out that I did googled it to see if the shaved snow we had in LA even existed in Taiwan. I also asked a local co-worker if shaved snow and not shaved ice existed. She said yes that it was called the same thing, you just have to indicate which one you want. The shop we went to only had the one kind. She was kind enough to write down the toppings and such for me. So have hope Erica and Di, I will try the good kind soon enough!

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