Friday, August 19, 2011

eating while sitting on toilets...

After the Taipei Zoo, Heide mentioned that she heard about a restaurant that there was a restaurant with a toilet theme that sounded interesting. After some research on someone's phone we trekked over to the MRT which is the metro system in Taipei. I kept calling it the MTR because that's the one that is Hong Kong and it works about the same way where you can purchase an EasyCard (Oyster Card in London, Octopus Card in Hong Kong) and just scan it at the turnstile. I liked the one in Hong Kong better because it could scan through your bag, this one you can scan through you wallet but the bag was too much for it. Anyways we headed over to Shilin, Taipei which required multiple MRT transfers to eat at Modern Toilet.

awesome decor. they even had shower heads coming out of the walls!
Not only is the seats and tables bathroom-themed, even the dishes contained the bathroom element.

I ordered the Yunnan Chili Chicken Spicy.
I have come to realize that in restaurant when ordering a meal it includes a soup, tea, and a dessert. This meal the soup was seawood which I feel tastes like miso with a seaweed taste which I don't like. Other people got a corn milk soup. They really like corn soups here and the corn milk soup tastes exactly like how it sounds. Not sure if I like it or not. The little side-dish contains kim-chi which eh not really a big fan of so nothing exciting. The chicken was actually very good. I actually thought since this was a themed restaurant it would be very touristy but the whole place was full of locals and the food is very good. For dessert we got ice-cream that sat on its own little toilet and resembled white poo. It tasted like vanilla with a hint of coffee that was also very good. Later we walked over to the Shilin Night Market but didn't stay that long because our feet was killing us and this night market is huge. I'm sure I will be going back and then I will have a chance to try the foods and buy stuff.


  1. i've read about this place before!

  2. looks like the one in HK. modern toilet.