Friday, August 26, 2011

how i became an asian using an umbrella when it wasn't raining...

This past Saturday, my school arranged for some student's family to take us on an outing, to get to know the area better and to get to know the students and families better. I went with another teacher Joe and one of the kids was a student in his class. The family took us to Baoshan Reservoirs. Baoshan translates to Treasure Mountain. There was a cafe located next to the reservoir called Safulak Cafe. The place is super popular and we only saw locals eating there. The place offers a great view of the reservoir.

don't i look like i'm part of the family?

red bean and mung bean over shaved ice with a kiwi juice on the side
The mom was super generous and paid for everything! I felt so bad because the prices for this place was so expensive. The set meals didn't start until 11am so the mom surprised us and ordered two of these shaved ice platters. She didn't know the shaved ice would be so huge. I barely ate mine because I don't like red bean or the mung beans that were on top of it. This one didn't have syrup so they were literally just eating red beans and then ice... The green drink is kiwi juice and was super yummy! I loved how its so green and the black seeds are floating around in it. Something I've never seen before. After we finished our drinks we decided to take a little walk to kill time before eating lunch.

every set meal comes with garlic bread and soup
I love how there is always garlic bread with meals! This time's soup was pumpkin. I didn't like it. I am not use to thick soup and pumpkin is just ehhh.

japanese style miso risotto with beef
I ordered this dish because I thought it sounded interesting and I'm like lets expand and eat other food types. Of course this isn't traditional Taiwanese food. I did not like this at all. I don't like sushi so those two pieces were like ehh for me. It was just rice with some weird dried meat in it. Of the "risotto" I just ate the meat and broccoli because I wasn't a fan of carrots or what I think might be bamboo or something that isn't a potato or a squash. The meal was disappointing, especially for that price. I'm not sure why so many people come to this place unless its for the amazing view which totally makes up for it.

a scene of the bridge over the reservoir taken from a second bridge
When they told me we were going to a reservoir I imagined the cemented structure near Lincoln and I was thinking how would that be interesting. Well the Baoshan Reservoirs isn't actually water that is held in reserve but water that serves the whole of Hsinchu county and is actually a gigantic man-made lake. It is so huge that there are bridges that allow people to pass.

The family provided me with an umbrella which I unashamedly utilized. Not only did it prevent the sun from beating down on me and keeping my pale skin in its white perfection but it also saved me from freaking out that bugs could be dropping down on me from the trees.

can you see the spider? these were hanging everywhere!
The spiders were freaking huge and made super gigantic spiderwebs. I definitely needed the umbrella to protect me. I was wearing sandals and my feet were exposed and I was already freaking out about bugs getting me that way. Nature and me totally don't mess but the views were pretty awesome.


  1. if only i would be there to defend you against the spiders lol

  2. that spider is huge!!! yuck.