Friday, August 19, 2011

how i killed a bug with my face...

So I was in Taiwan for all of one day when I rode a scooter for the first time. A teacher invited me to go with her to the Taipei Zoo with her and her friends. She picked me up on her scooter to take us to the High-Speed Rail (HSR) in Jubei. The HSR only has a couple of stops and can reach Taipei from Jubei in 30 minutes. Anyways the helmet she gave me had no shield so I had to either look to the side the whole time or close my eyes because of all the wind whipping by. I would try to look forward to recognize the streets for when I have to drive later, but I was careful to only stick my head out a little behind hers. Well I totally saw this black thing fly towards my face and then hit me. I wiped my face but didn't find a dead carcass so I'm not sure if it was a bug or some random black thing. Whatever it was it hurt. I've managed to ride on another teacher's scooter this time with a shield on the helmet and the ride is way more enjoyable that way. I think its awesome to be the passenger because you don't have to worry about other cars and navigating the crazy ass streets of Taiwan.

scooter chic
The HSR from Jubei costs like $300 NT but you would need a mode of transportation to get to Jubei from Zhudong. Another way is by bus which you can take at Zhudong and costs $150 NT or something but it takes almost 2 hours to get there. Nothing special to report about the zoo except that it is really big and also has pandas. Lara and her friends were all from South Africa and they would speak Afrikaans and I would have no idea what they were saying. Heide, a friend of Laras, was saying how white people were accessories and that me hanging with four of them made me super cool. Haha. So all the South Africans were like zoos are depressing because they get to see animals roaming the wild. I did like this zoo more because I could actually see the animals and most of them were moving around unlike other zoos where the set up allowed for the animals to be hidden and you would just pass cage after cage that looked empty. Look what else I found...

can you guess what this is?
An American Raccoon! Lol yup they actually have raccoons at the zoo and it isn't any of the special variety but the ones that run around our streets eating from our garbage cans! I thought that was so hilarious. Lara told me that in South Africa where she lived, baboons were the pests and they would try to open the doors and her dad would have to shoot them! The thing was she lived in the city and I'm just like wow if baboons were just roaming the streets that would be so freaky especially since I don't think they are nocturnal...

While at the zoo we met up with another teacher from our school Fabes and his fiancee and her sister. I was talking to the sisters trying to see the differences between Taiwanese culture and Chinese culture. For one thing I see a lot of people here with dogs as pets and so I asked just to confirm that since dogs are pets here, they don't eat dog meat. They were aghast and was like that's illegal. Sorry mom guess I won't be able to try your favorite meat while I'm here. They basically told me I'm more Chinese then they are. Haha Taiwan has become very Americanized, they don't even wear traditional wedding gowns, just the white one. They also had never had frog and their mothers don't kill live chickens in their house.

Another thing I saw Asian Harry Potter!

parseltongue in action!
Uncanny resemblance right?!? I tried it and the snake had no interest in me :(

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  1. hahahaha omg, he totally looks like him! good work :)