Thursday, August 18, 2011

how i'm gonna scrap in taiwan

So a lot of people have asked me what am I going to do about my scrapbooking stash or how am I going to scrapbook while in Taiwan. Obviously I can't bring all my supplies, well I could but I wouldn't be able to bring any clothes or any other essentials. Even two suitcases really wouldn't hold all of it. Some people might have seen the travel book I made while I was in Europe, I was planning to take pictures but ran out of time so I can't show you. Anyways I had a mini binder where I made pages and stuck any ticket stubs or brochures in it as a memory of my Europe trip and a way to actually look through all the brochures and maps I gathered. Usually I would stick them between the corresponding scrapbook pages in my album but I would never take them out again which kind of defeats the purpose of bringing home so many.

all i have to work with until i can get my hands on a craft store..

This time however I bought one of these spiral bound sketch books from Michaels so I wouldn't have to make my own pages. Included in my arsenal is a bunch of travel related stickers and lots and lots of pockets. The pockets will be responsible for holding on to brochures or anything multi-paged that can't be glued into the book. The green, blue and red things are adhesive and I brought 3 more with me. The thing that looks like what a school's office has is my date stamp and I also brought along several small ink pads and a mini alphabet stamp for titles. The printer is the Polaroid Pogo which I had bought for my trip to Europe but it didn't come in time and so there are no pictures in that travel album but this one will have it. It prints pictures directly from my camera and doesn't require ink because of some Zink technology or whatever. Also not pictured is washi tape which has been very popular in the scrapbooking world which my sister got for me from Japan. I'll prob show some pictures of the album as I progress but for now it is mostly journaling...

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