Friday, August 19, 2011

i love me my snacks!

get this all at your local 7-11
So since there is no school on Sunday I had to fend for myself for dinner. I still don't have the nerve to order food by myself at restaurants or food stalls so I bought the microwavable curry dinner to go. At this point the cashier was speaking all the mandarin to me and I had to confess I had no idea what she was saying. It turned out I could have gotten this hot and she was asking me if I wanted it to be hot which I didn't. But she didn't get that I didn't want it to be made then. I guess people typically cook food there and don't bring it home to eat later. Anyways I finally heated it yesterday at school and it is actually super delicious. They have a plastic tray that contains the curry so it is separate from the rice.

The nice thing is bacon Pringles which was also very yummy except the can was so freaking small! I wished there was more in a can... American thinking! The next candy in the Hi-Chew series is kiwi flavor. The candy itself is actually green and has little black specks all over it. I can't remember if the standard flavors that we get in America come in different colors or are they just white? Kiwi was a good flavor to get. Next time I'll try some more out there flavors but I think I've reached all the specialty flavors of Hi-chew there are. I can't remember if peach flavor is something we get in America. Can anyone let me know? If not I'll buy that too.

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