Sunday, August 28, 2011

just a regular saturday night in zhudong

After the whole Baoshan Reservoir trip, Sam and I went to a very well known beef noodle house in Zhudong. It was recommended by my friend Alice and when I brought it up to others, everyone knew the place. Beef noodles is a symbol of Taiwanese food and is a must have when visiting.

chong kee beef noodle house
niúròu miàn - spicy beef noodle soup
 I didn't actually expect these noodles to be spicy but they were so hot my nose was almost dripping. Haha so appealing right. These noodles were so yummy and filling and only cost $50NT. I can't believe I just paid $1.50 USD for a meal, what an awesome deal!

Later we went to find the Zhudong night market. The one that is two miles long and filled with things to eat, buy and play. When we got to the Zhudong train station we couldn't see a sign of it anywhere. We walked block after block and was heading back when we saw a whole bunch of people go through an off street. We followed the crowd and discovered the entrance of the night market! Seriously can't believe there was like a secret entrance to this place. The night market is super long and is held right against this barricade that is suppose to protect the town from a flood.

the night market goes as far as the eye can see
the market was so huge that game stalls were in abundance!
Since we had just eaten before we came I didn't buy anything to eat. One day soon. We didn't get to walk the whole thing because we were super stuffed and walking was such a chore. Especially since we walked so much trying to find the location in the first place. Good thing we went on a Saturday because any other day we would have just found a long empty street. I will definitely come back and eat random goodies!

Before I forget here are some more pictures of when I went to Baoshan. Chau avert your eyes! Don't tell me I didn't warn you...

never saw this as road kill in america...
the cafe gave customers a free plant
I picked a plant that smelled like lemons. I really wanted chili peppers but they didn't have it. The others chose mint plants. I would have but I don't cook so useless to me. I actually ate one of the leaves one of the girl's chose and it tasted sweet. I'm eating leaves people! What has Taiwan done to me?!?

The Details
Chong Kee Beef Noodle House
No. 248 Renai Road (next to Central Market) in Zhudong in Hsinchu County
tel: +886-35953805


  1. thanks for the warning! i super scrolled to get past it lol. so gross...

    the beef noodles looks amazing. and the tea in a bottle is kinda getting too lol

  2. omg the beef noodles look delicious!!! and coming from me that means a lot. haha. looks like you're having an amazing time, yay!!!