Friday, August 12, 2011

LA chilling and eating

Alright I had to bring my laptop down but now I have access to the internet. Super awkward just sitting in a little kid chair while people are at the front desk working. So far everyone is very nice. Ok so Erica, Di and I drove down to LA a couple days ago. Well more like Erica and Di drove while I slept and played Glee music in my car. The first thing we did was drive to Roland Heights cause Erica had heard about a shaved snow place there that was awesome. At first I thought she meant like the shaved ice where its just a pile of ice with flavoring poured on. Little did I know its a Taiwanese dessert that is amazing where its silvers of what I assume is ice but is creamy and looks like feathers topped with fruit and chocolate. We ordered the shaved snow that had strawberries, chocolate syrup and condensed milk because they ran out of mangos. It cost around 7 bucks and there was enough for 3 of us. I mean seriously $2+ for dessert is such an amazing deal especially compared to the $5+ I pay for the mango sago desserts.

this has been the topic of conversation for days now on fb!

I love how I'm not the only one pulling out my camera to take a picture
Don't worry Erica and Di, I just asked a local to show me where good shaved snow is around here and she drew me a map. I had to show her a picture and use a google translator but all good.

Later Matt picked me up and we went to Menchi's? with Sergio to get some yogurt. Yogurt was good but can't beat that shaved snow. Kris had arranged a dinner in Culver City at A-Frame for a Summit reunion! Dinner was good and it was great being able to hang out with my so-cal friends one more time before I headed to Taiwan. I didn't suggest this but they all went around saying nice things about me. Most of mine were just about introducing people to scrapbooking and being a good DD. Like I don't have better qualities! I have it on video so I'll be sure to replay it over and over to listen to those praises.  The food here is good, a little pricey, would have been better if they had a bigger menu because we ended up ordering the same dishes in order to feed our big group!

furikaki kettle corn

dyn-o-mite: twice baked potato
kitchen fries: yams, sweet potato and Korean yams

cracklin' beer can chicken

so-cal family!
Gotta name drop so from left to right it goes: Megan, me, Chau, Kris, Roxy, Daisy, Ethel, Matt, Sergio, and Laura!

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