Wednesday, August 17, 2011

market place and pu-zhao temple

A different view from another window in my room
Everyone who knows me knows I hate to do anything physical but I literally walked all the way up to the Buddhist Temple all the way up the hill on the left hand side. It was a hard climb and in the heat. I am hoping I lose a million pounds by the time I come back to America since I'm not eating as much as everyone said I would be.

proof that I'm not all talk
There is a monastery near by with actual monks. I didn't go in because there were monks at the altar? hitting those wooden gourds or w/e with the sticks. I didn't think it would be respectful of me to go in and act all touristy up in there since I'm obviously not doing any religious rites or whatever. That reminds me before I left America I totally bowed to my ancestors and to the gods to ensure I have a safe journey. Bow only three times, never four!

i've only seen it this way in tv shows set in the olden days, usually they are behind glass
food stalls right next to clothes stalls..
The market was fun. I've been back several times. They close up early like around 3-4pm. Not sure if it was because it was some holiday that Sunday. Store fronts were doing offerings and lighting up incense in front of their stores. Dominos offered up pizza, while convenience stores gave up bottles of soda. Lol. People kept lighting up firecrackers all through the night which freaked me out because the noise would be so sudden. Must ask grandma what holiday or "ghost" day just passed. Also had a chance to go to the "night" market yesterday night. It was just one street and no where close to the night market I went to in Taipei. More about that later...

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  1. are you doing all this endeavors by yourself? beside your looking asian, you are totally a tourist right now hahaha