Saturday, August 20, 2011

new teacher lunch

Charlotte the Head English teacher is basically the go-to person for help. She took me and Sam out to lunch. At lunch I learned that she has two children who are both going to UCSD. Too bad she wasn't one of my workers, how funny would that have been? Anyways we went to a very nice restaurant. I feel like any restaurant that charges you $200 NT per meal is pretty nice here, even though that is about $7-8 USD.

whose the outsider here?
The waitress who took this picture literally was a foot away from us. I'm smiling all awkward cause I'm like why is she so close to us??

I realized that a lot of the meals at restaurants come in sets. Sets usually include a drink, a soup, main course, and a dessert. Pretty sure I stated that before but can't get too tired of hearing it! 

they love their corn soup here, this time no milk
Malay chicken or whatever. the menu was all in Chinese. I just know it was suppose to be super spicy but wasn't really.
The chicken again was whatever. I didn't like the fact that it was like a giant wing where cutting the meat was very difficult since the bone was in the way and I couldn't go all savage on it in front of the head teacher at my school. By the end it looked like a pile of mush since I didn't eat the skin. The parts with the sauce was good but the parts underneath was just plain chicken and the skin wasn't delicious. The vegetables actually had like a pasta tasting sauce on them which made it good. This is the second time I've seen sesame seeds sprinkled on top of rice.

tea jelly
When I first heard tea or coffee I thought they meant the drink. Turns out its tea flavored jelly? Or jelly made from tea leaves? Whatever it was, it was good. The coffee one was black. I love how the tea in Taiwan isn't just like the tea I get in Chinese restaurants. A lot of them are sweet and people drink it cold. I asked for rose tea with my meal, thinking it was going to be authentic with rose petals, I got a cup with a teabag! Wow what a disappointment fancy restaurant. Outside the restaurant there was a pond and lots of greenery. Very pretty and relaxing if not for the possibility of bugs...

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