Tuesday, August 9, 2011

o' scrapbooking where are thou?

Scrapbooking stores in San Francisco are non-existent. If I want scrapping supplies I need to leave the city and go to the craft chains like Michaels or Beverly's or order them online. The closest local scrapbooking store (lss) is in Berkeley called Scrapbook Territory. I love this store because it is so big and has the latest stuff!

aisle and aisles of paper!
wall of Thickers! (thick stickers)
There is also a stationary and paper store called Paper Source that is also located a block away. This store doesn't have that much scrapping stuff but if you're interested in paper crafts or getting small gifts it's a good place to go.

I love how they display their items!
I love going to Berkeley because there are so many arts and crafts stores. I really wish there was more lss in my area instead of having to cross the bridge and paying the toll in order to support local stores. The extra cost that stores charge and the bridge tolls make purchasing products online a cheaper option.

I couldn't resist buying some more scrapbooking supplies even though I won't be using them anytime soon or be able to bring it with me to Taiwan...


  1. you're not bring any scrap booking stuff at all??? what will you do? how will you live? LOL. maybe when you're settled in your sisters could send them to you? i can't imaging you not doing any scrap booking...

  2. "has the latest stuff".Oh gosh is there a scrapbooking trend?