Tuesday, August 23, 2011

random tidbits about taiwan

In Taiwan if you purchase things from stores like 7-11 you get a receipt with a lottery number on it. Places that sell food aren't included. But apparently its a way for stores to be honest about their profits if people demanded receipts in hopes of wining millions. So awesome a chance for winning millions without having to actually go out and pick your own. Some teachers have won like $200 NT to several thousand.

The reciepts are on the right side. You can see the red seals where the lotto numbers are printed over. You can also find more information here. The left side is a booklet which 7-11 gives to customers. You're suppose to put the red stickers, pictured below the booklet, in them. You only receive the stickers if you spend more than $66NT. If you collect like 10 stickers you can get free stuff or a discount or w/e.

So I've mentioned that I've been feeding myself at the Zhudong campus. I've started packing some food for dinner because the Erchong school does not provide food. Is that hecka Asian? Eating free food and then packing up some more for later? Hahah.

pork, eggs with green onion, winter melon
Of course it wouldn't be Asia without shirts with either bad words or misspelled ones.

this is one of my students, wei-wei
this is wei-wei's shirt
I love the fact that this shirt is being worn by a boy! I can't imagine what the parent's reaction would be if they knew what this meant. I wonder who has this kind of humor to write these on shirts knowing Asians wouldn't understand it. Haha.


  1. the shirts in Thailand were super lewd as well. loved them because the kids were so happy to wear them.ahaha

  2. hey buy one of those shirts for me!!

  3. lol the shirt with the sexual perversion on it? thats for little boys? or do you mean a badly spelled tee?

  4. HAHAHAHAHAH that shirt should be framed!

    and that bowl of food looks good. way better than the lunch or whatever that you would eat back in the states!

  5. AHAHAHAAHHAHA! That shirt is f'n hilarious!!!