Friday, August 12, 2011

safe in Chutung, Jhoudong, Zhudong?

I arrived in Taiwan safe and sound via EVA Air. Individual tv's and I got the whole emergency aisle to myself! Sweet! Except the chair arms didn't go up so I was stuck in an awkward position. The city I am currently living in has a million different spellings. That made it hard to find any information about this place when I was trying to do research. I am currently living in my principals' apartment in her son's room who I think is attending some college in so-cal, USC or UCLA? So that is awkward...but at least I have my own bathroom. The room is big and there is a wall of closets... I would post pictures but I don't have internet on my laptop and have to use the school's comp. Thanks to Gordon for showing me how to type in English without having to press the shift key the whole entire time. Each key on this keyboard has 4 different actions... How can the Chinese type fast with this crazyness??

I woke up at like 6am today... after falling asleep at 12ish Taiwan time. I did a little scrapping.. Yes I did bring some stuff with me and I will show you what I am doing to fill that scrapbooking fix but until I can find like an internet bar or get internet via my laptop I won't be able to discuss my Vegas trip and the awesome dinner with my so-cal buddies. Are you happy Chau?? You will be mentioned! I spent a couple hours at the market. No one looks at me funny because really I just blend in here with my jeans and t-shirt. The weather is humid but not so bad as in Vegas weather where the sun is beating down on you to death. I would say its more like San Diego in the summer but more moist. I can feel sweat on all my face and I'm sure it ain't pretty. The market was pretty cool with lots of people speaking mandarin and me not knowing what the heck is going on. Bought some fruit and I'm pretty sure I got jipped. Didn't have to confess I didn't know any Mandarin until I was trying to buy some cotton balls and they were saying all this stuff to me. Yay for blending in and boo for me not knowing any mandarin. I am on the quest for shaved snow and I'm pretty sure I found a place around the corner if the advertising picture is any indication. I will let all the Vegas peoples how awesome it is.

In a way its cool that I'm Chinese myself because the market didn't phase me it was like a Chinatown if we didn't have to worry about roads for cars. Thanks to my upbringing for being all use to dead animals hanging everywhere and the crazy shouting and pushing! I think I literally saw like 3 people wear jeans.. Everyone wears pants of the material my grandma favors. That might be cause all I saw was old peoples shopping for food... I was up so early I saw kids going to school in their uniforms! I wanted to take pictures but I couldn't do it secretly enough and I don't wanna be yelled at. But it reminds me of my dramas.

Anyways I'm not getting much adoration for how pale I am which is a bummer since I would like to be appreciated for once for being so pale! I don't feel fat here either which was something I was worried about. Teens seem slightly skinnier and there are a lot of people around my size but then it might be because they are older... I can't tell people all look kinda young here but then you see they are mothers or something so that's weird. I'll have to go to some mall and compare myself to the fashionistas there before I can truely tell you how skinny these Asians are.


  1. Glad you made it safe!!! And how can you even consider yourself fat? Ridiculousness.

  2. Maybe they have been admiring your paleness, but in Mandarin, so you wouldn't even know it.