Tuesday, August 16, 2011

tao beach party and marquee

The day started off late because everyone was super tired from the night before. I literally did not go to sleep until 5am which was the same as when the drunky drunk from the night before wakes up and decided to go out into the hallway and attempt to go into a supply closet or something across the hall. Good thing Erica went to check. I could imagine how disastrous the scenario could have turned out if no one went after her. Yay for good friends. After that we walked down the strip to the Cosmopolitan hotel where Marquee is located to meet up with a promoter to get tickets for tonight. I stopped by this food truck on the strip and introduced them to some amazing garlic fries that I got when I was in Vegas last time. Everyone agreed that it was amazing. I really really wanted to go to the Mirage for the buffet but all the girls were like "We don't wanna look fat in our dresses" Girls, I don't understand them! After lunch we went to Tao Beach Party back at the Venetian. People actually paid to get in but we had these free access cards for attending Tao the night before. When we got there the place was packed and it was all so very dirty and no way was anyone getting into the pool so we just went back the nicer and much cleaner pool area of the hotel. I would say Caesar's Palace pools are more pimp looking.

ewwww. I would not want to be in that water!

Girls looking lovely!
After a day spent at the pool we had to head over to Marquee early to make sure we actually got in since apparently it is the club to be at. We drove in different cars and my car arrived first and was all girls. Different guys approached us asking if they could join us because without girls, guys weren't getting in. We had these cards that let us get into the club for free but guys had to pay $45 which was the discounted price! I would never have paid that much to get into the club, poor guys. Marquee is actually the nicest club and the biggest one I've seen in Vegas. There are different rooms for different music and there is also a really big outdoors area with a pool. Girls dressed up as mermaids with the tail and everything were swimming in it later. The group split up to do their own thing, to hustle drinks from guys, to dance in different rooms, to just be a wanderer, to hit on girls, to go drink at the car, to attempt to drink at the casino but not doing it, etc, etc. After awhile the club got super crowded, so crowded that it was disgusting which really killed the mood. The music was good, a bit of top 40's with house thrown in. It was mostly an Asian scene and I could look over everyone's head and I was wearing flats! So the hopes of finding a tall Asian is still very elusive. No drunk peoples this time tho one of the girls had her attitude on and was pushing peoples down the stairs trying to leave. You know who you are! Right outside the exit was a pool that you could walk into and lounge chairs were right next to them. Felt so good to dip your feet in and there was a marvelous view. When we left the Cosmopolitan there were people still lining up at 2am to get in and the place closes at like 5.

looking lovely as always!

finally decided to show the guys. awkward right?
The drive home was eventful. Car almost overheated. Had to buy some coolant. Thanks to Erica's dad for giving us advice about where to pour the coolant in!

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