Saturday, August 13, 2011

the walk of shame!

So last Friday we headed out of LA to Vegas with Cristal joining us in LA and driving Janice and Aric down. In my car I had Di, her ex-roomie Erica Holly and Erica. At this point I was trying to find any excuse to go to Roland Heights to get some more shaved snow. Oh, Erica Holly lives in East LA maybe we can go to Roland Heights. Nope. Oh, we are heading east to Vegas, shaved snow? Nope. Alas we could not get more of that awesome treat but I'll get them all authentic here if I can just grow some balls to go into the store and order it in English or by using body language. So on the hot drive there we realized that my car was getting super heated and it was struggling to even go at speeds of 60-70mph. Erica Holly mentioned it was probably the coolant and that it might have evaporated in the heat. We arrived in Vegas around 10pm, safe and sound. It took literally 2 hours for the girls to get ready. I do not include myself in this category, rather I was with the guys in this group just chilling and serving drinks to people. I introduced the Seagrams Sweet Tea Vodka with Lemonade to these ppls and they loved it. Yay to Chau for introducing it to me because now it is spreading! Later on Erica's friend Virginia and her cousin Vincent (forever known as Cousin) joined us and we basically jumped on their asses and was like change now and drink drink drink! Just to be clear I was the designated walker so I didn't drink.

inspiration wall art in LA!

hot chickas! no boys allowed
We were staying at the Venetian so we just went to Tao because we're pose to get in for free since we are staying at the hotel. Well the bouncer wanted us to pay and we were like eh screw that we aren't paying and just as we are about to leave another guy says we can get in for free but the guys will have to pay. Sorry for the dudes but Vegas is all about the ladies! I'm guessing its because its summer time but it was super crowded. As crowded as it was when I went for my birthday and Paris Hilton was there but minus Paris Hilton. Lame. We ended up getting split up and my group and I was just dancing it up in the small room and attempts at trying to find the other group ended in failure and being squished to death. Later on as my little small group is ready to leave the Ericas go off to find the lost members. Some time later I get a call/text that says "We are having trouble with security, meet us outside" Really wtf is going on, had no clue. Let's just say one of the girls had pre-partied too much and then had to go and "hustle" some more free drinks from the VIP booths and had gotten seriously wasted and had to be kicked out of TAO! Poor Cristal had both the drunk girls in her group and ended up holding wastey wasterson up the whole time while she flailed her arms and almost started some fights in the club. 

Alright now on to the walk of shame of this story. As designated walker and to relieve Cristal of her duties I took the drunk and walked with her through the casino back to her hotel room. Well the whole time she was literally shouting "I don't get it, I didn't do anything" and saying how the security guards were uneducated and how they didn't have anything else to do and thats why she was kicked out. Well I had to cover my face in shame because literally all the people in the casino was watching us as we tried to manhandle the 2 drunks back to the room. In comes tipsy Aric who insists on saying stuff like "Let's go to the strip, I want tacos!" which of course the drunkies were in agreement with. We had to lie and be like yes this is the elevator to the strip where I had to threaten Aric if he freaking brought up tacos I would punch him in the face and leave him stranded in Vegas. He did not get the hint and since he didn't have to take care of the girls he thought they were fine and brought them to the strip. The sobers did their duty and was like forget it, they'll be fine. Haha. I guess you can figure out who the drunkies are from the names I didn't mention :P I've taken care of a lot of drunk peoples but lets just say I never had to endure so much shame or had such a laugh before in my life. Thanks!

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