Tuesday, August 16, 2011

where i'll be living for a month

view from my room. this was at like 5-6 am in the morning!
my room bigger than the one at home!
I found out that there is like a bathroom in each bedroom. I think 5 bathrooms in all in this 2 story apartment! Baller!

zongzi in mandarin, zong in canto
First thing I ate here was provided by my principal made by her mother! Can't get more authentic than that. Smaller in size than the one my grammy makes but similar fillings. Delicious!

picture of the school and the place I am staying at. my room is the one at the very top with the open windows
Next time I'll show pics of the day market and the temple nearby.


  1. that room is way bigger than any of the rooms you and i lived in. what are you doing with all that space! lol