Tuesday, August 9, 2011

why is it so freaking hot??

A couple weeks back Olive finally came back to SF and went road tripping to Davis to hang with Jen. It was super hot there and I have an aversion to wearing shorts especially in bright sunlight... I am literally so pale that I feel the sunlight is reflecting off my skin and blinding peoples near by so no shorts for me. We went to the California State Fair in Sacramento and it was over 100+ degrees outside and I was wearing jeans. On top of that I was sick so I was blowing my nose off the whole time and just nodding off at random exhibits and sitting down whenever I had the chance. The State Fair was super big, way bigger than the SD County Fair. Good thing Jen's roomie knew some ppls that lived in Sacramento so we had our own personal guides! The food options weren't as good tho but they had some awesome exhibits. A lot of animals and agricultural stuff to see.

Jen likes things big!
pigs are prickly!

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