Wednesday, September 14, 2011

amazing view!

Now that I've moved into my new apartment I really miss the view of the city from the room of my principal's apartment. I was waking up super early then and I actually saw the sunrise!

So pretty!!!

Ok so besides that here is a picture of how big house spiders can get in Taiwan....

ugh wtf!
So peoples were telling me spiders get bigger than this. Ok wtf this spider is super thick. I wouldn't even be able to kill it... North America spiders don't look bad at all compared to this.... This was on the first floor of the Jhudong school and every time I wanted to go online I had to make sure I knew its location.


  1. why don't you just kill it? the spiders in england were just this big and i def killed a few. instill some chau-courage in you! haha

  2. That first pic is pretty, but that spider is nasty. Remember I told you about that BIG ass one in front of Riley's house in Aus? That one had a human sized web!