Friday, September 23, 2011

clubbing in taiwan!!

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of my first clubbing event in Taiwan because I didn't want to carry me camera around with me. Since I was going with co-workers and in Taiwan and I didn't bring clubbing clothes with me, I dressed dressy casual instead of skanky skank. Well forget the conservative image of Asians because girls going to the club were wearing super skanky dresses. I felt overdressed. Haha. Eamon wore shorts and he couldn't get into the club. So we had to wait for him while Chad went home and got him some pants. Haha. The club was playing some awesome music. Lots of old pop music and Lady Gaga. If only clubs in America played this kind of music. We partied until 4am! There was a boxing ring in the middle of the dance floor and since the theme of the night was boxing night, the djs would randomly stop the music so that volunteers could box each other. I thought that was so weird and I just wanted the music to start up again. In Taiwan the police apparently go into clubs and check ids. This happened twice, the music stops and the ugly lights are turned on and they stop selling drinks. Every time the police came to check ids it would take like 30-40 minutes before the dancing could resume. This was super annoying. Good thing my id wasn't checked. They don't check foreigners. Haha. Although I do look like a local but one of the teachers is a whitie. She was very popular with the locals. People kept taking pictures with her. Also foreigners got in for free! Awesome I had to bring my passport. So annoying. I remembered those days from college when my drivers license expired and I had to cart my passport everywhere and made Matt carry it in his pocket. My passport would be damp when I got it back..

Anyways back to the clubbing. Most of the locals weren't even dancing. They just sat there smoking and drinking. I hate the fact that they can smoke in the club. My hair smelled like smoke afterwards and even after I showered the smell was still there! I don't get why the girls dressed all sexy just to sit in the booths. Americans could totally show the Asians a thing or two about how to dance skanky. I saw a "lapdance" where the girl was literally just bouncing up and down on the guy. Haha. Also their version of "grinding" involves a lot of space between the bodies. Oh American friends if you came with me to the clubs I'm sure we would put on quite a show! 


  1. Hahaha awesome! And at least Matt didn't lose your passport like he did with my car keys :)

  2. Blehh yeah i hated the smell of my hair and clothes after clubbing :(

  3. my cousin in HK said asians don't apparently know how to grind. if you want to know how you move your index finger up and down with at least 5 inches in between and that's how they dance. haha