Sunday, September 18, 2011

a day in zhudong or jhudong

After lunch I was forced to hike amongst the trees near the Zhudong school campus. I remember I was too afraid to go near it because all the cicadas were making such a loud noise that I got freaked out. Up in the hills there was a cute little swing!

a swing perfect for two!
awesome view
The temple in Zhudong was celebrating its 200 year anniversary so there was a lot of activities going on to celebrate it. Religious ceremonies and Chinese opera.

the robes are so colorful!
At one point I think they threw money out into the audience and all you see were old people bending over trying to pick up the one dollar coins.

chinese opera in front of the temple
In celebration of the temple anniversary, red lanterns were strung throughout the city. The audience was full of old people. When we entered everyone stared at us, maybe cause of our youth?

mango shaved ice!
I had another chance to eat shaved ice. This one is actually shaved ice but tasted way better because of all the mango chunks. In addition to mango, there is also condensed milk and mango pudding. This shaved ice was good but still not as good as the one in LA.

winter melon tea with lemon
So the Zhudong campus school serves a lot winter melon soup during lunch times. I've had winter melon soup at home of course but Eamon mentioned that there is also a winter melon tea. This comes from a chain that specialized in teas and such but my cup had way too much lemon so I could barely taste how winter melon tea is suppose to taste like. Apparently its good for your health. I would never have ordered it on my own since I can't read Chinese.

grass jelly
So I've had grass jelly in America and its usually eaten with rock sugar syrup. Taiwan grass jelly is way more fancy than I've ever seen it. This version has condensed milk, taro and yam cubs, and some flavored ice. This was really yummy and yay again to new things!

This whole time I was speaking English and I just realize how the whities in Taiwan must feel when people stare at them. People kept giving me looks and it was cool in the beginning but after awhile it got seriously annoying.

I found some new flavors of Hi-Chews! The peach flavor is good and the orange soda one just tasted like orange flavor. The local Taiwan flavor is the candy version of the candied strawberries I had at the night market. It was pretty good but not more awesome than like the kiwi or lychee flavors.

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  1. That mango thing looks HELLA good. But WINTER MELON?!? You willingly drank that? Ew.