Tuesday, September 6, 2011

finally, taiwan night market food!!

So two Friday nights ago, I finally had a chance to go to the night market street in Zhudong and actually eat something. The bad thing about working from 12:30-9:30pm is that my break happens at like 3-4pm and that is too early for dinner. When dinner time comes around I'm too busy prepping for my next class. I end up eating dinner at like 9:30pm and then fall asleep a couple hours after that. I am sure that isn't healthy since I am not burning off any of those calories from the food. I guess its no different from me eating chips and stuff at 12pm at night in America, except that I would stay up to 5am so really my computer using was burning fat via my fingers...

I bought some food from those "bbq" stalls where you pick the food you want and they grill it for you. Of course following any family who owns a business the children were working the stalls with the parents. Again as usual they spoke English to Sam and then spoke Mandarin to me until I went I'm American I can't speak Mandarin. Then they seem way more interested in me than they were in Sam. Haha. I wonder if an only English speaking Asian is really that exciting.

at this stall you put the food you want into a basket and hand it over to the griller
I'm guessing each stick of food is worth a different price but of course not knowing any Chinese I couldn't tell you how much mine cost. I think mine turned out to cost like $125 NT which is what $4 USD and it was delicious. The following pictures will be of the food as they are greased up and spiced. Yummy!

sorry bad pic of mushrooms. was trying to take this as i was walking
ham wrapped around mushrooms you usually find at hot pot places

ham or bacon wrapped around some leeks

The food was super delicious and so cheap. If the internet wasn't so slow I would have been able to post this sooner. So far night market food isn't disappointing me.

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  1. The before pictures looked so unappetizing, I probably wouldn't even have tried it. Plus, putting food directly in a basket is way too unsanitary for me.