Sunday, September 25, 2011

food and fruits of Taiwan

So being in Taiwan I have the chance to eat some local fruits that I haven't even seen in America unless its in a drink form.

passion fruit
This ugly looking thing is the delicious passion fruit. When I first saw this I was just like what the heck could it be. It looks like a monster's mouth filled with slime. Even though this looks pretty revolting it actually tastes like passion fruit green tea tapioca! Haha.

buddha's head
This weird looking fruit is called the buddha's head. When I got this I thought someone was trying to make me eat a rotten piece of fruit. The outside is a moldy green and when you poke it the sides deflate like its rotten... I seriously thought it was a nasty prank. Apparently that's just how the fruit is. Then I was like this thing is split open and everyone was telling me "oh you can eat it now." Em I'm not sure about anyone else but when there's a hole or the fruit is split open you don't eat it because it implies that a bug or some insect was in it or that its dirty and has been exposed to the elements. Being split open for a buddha's head means its time to eat it? Ok Taiwan peoples. The fruit is pretty delicious. I can't describe how it tases like but each white wedge has a big black seed. You're suppose to tear off a huge chunk and suck out the white wedges and then spit out the seeds. I just stuck my fingers into it and riped out the meaty chunks with my hands. Classy I know.

pudding in syrup and sweet tofu
Near my apartment is a place that sells "desserts." I got the sweet tofu or dòufu huā which tasted like the stuff I have in America. What makes it "Taiwan" is the addition of taro and yam cubes which are yummy. The pudding I think was mango flavored in some sugar syrup. The syrup had a taste of chocolate in it. Mine was definitely better.

lǔròu fàn (fatty pork on rice) with tofu and century egg
The fatty pork was delicious and is a typical Taiwanese dish. I don't know why it has to be fatty pork instead of just regular normal pork. I guess if it wasn't fatty it wouldn't be so delicious. The tofu is covered in dried shredded pork. I don't like tofu unless its the sweet kind so that was whatever to me.


  1. yummmm. i like how you have the tones when you type pinyin. :P

  2. i agree that buddha`s head fruit looks blech...i would be hesitant eating that :/

  3. eww I prefer eating these in tapioca form lol

  4. buddha's head is actually called cherimoya in english. i looked that up right after i ate it in vietnam lol. wasn't my favorite.