Thursday, September 1, 2011

i'm starring in my own taiwanese drama?!?!

So the scene starts off like this.....

A group of teachers had just finished eating at a farewell dinner for one of the teachers. A girl turns to the boy next to her and asks for a ride back to her house which was too far to walk especially since it was near midnight. The boy agrees and it turns out his scooter was a motorcycle and there was no place to hold onto like scooters do on the back. The girl didn't have a helmet but that was fine because she was confident she would most likely not die that night. When the girl gets on the motorcycle she tries not to hold on to the guy but he goes so fast shes afraid shes going to fall off so grabs him around the waist. She worries, should she hold on to him tighter, would he be ok with? There are all these sudden stops and potholes that causes the girl to slam into the guy's back. Was this in the boy's plan to make the girl grab onto him tighter? I guess this was no longer an issue with her arm around his waist. You can imagine the girl growing sleepy while riding on the back of the boy's motorcycle. She slowly puts her head down on the boy's back and falls alseep while behind his helmet the boy flashes a smile.

Haha yah right if that happened I would pee my pants. But definitely something I would see in a drama. A friend did drive me back on his motorcycle and a motorcycle is way more fun than a scooter. It goes so fast though I was scared in the beginning that I was going to die. I was trying to find ways to hold on without actually holding on to him making it super awkward or something. But trying to find a way like holding his backpack strap or just holding on to his shirt was making it way more awkward than it needed to be. I love riding without a helmet as long as its not somewhere far away because all the wind blowing around and the freedom you feel without having to worry about maneuvering around cars is pretty awesome.

Haha sorry to disappoint. I would love it if I was in a Taiwanese drama. How exciting would that be?!?!


  1. hahahaha, this is my favorite (non-food) post so far!

  2. That story sucked ass. So anti-climatic. You could've at least had the guy rape the girl.