Friday, September 23, 2011

mid-autumn festival in taiwan

Of course I didn't just eat wonton soup and dumplings for the moon festival. I checked out the Hsinchu Du Cheng Huang Temple also known as the City God Temple. Right outside the temple is also a lot of food stalls. This is where while lining up for food I saw a super tall Asian. I came up to his shoulder and I said something along the lines of wow so tall in Cantonese with a "Mandarin" accent. He turns around and talks to me in Cantonese! Haha. He was in Taiwan for school and I told him I was there to teach. Pretty cool. Is this way to meet guys in Taiwan?

The temple has the elaborate carvings I've seen on Hakka temples and belongs to the Tao religion. I've been wondering why I haven't seen any statues of the Buddha or whatever in the temples I've been visiting and now I know why. That and I've never seen such elaborate roofs on temples I've seen in China. It's a whole different religion. I'm wondering if Hakka temples and Tao temples celebrate the same beliefs since the temples have the same elaborate roof carvings and are also brightly painted.

This deity is the one couples pray to I think. Right next to it was a bulletin board with all these marriage photos. I threw those red half moon pieces in front of this guy and my wish didn't come true. No boyfriend for the foreseeable future. Thanks a lot deity!

There was this box full of red string bracelets next to the deity. I wanted to get one but SOMEONE stopped me! I have no idea why I can't get one. I will ask. Maybe this is only for couples or for someone whose wish gets granted when you throw those red piece. Can I say couple-ism?!?!

The lighted structure on the right hand side is the East Gate. Hsinchu used to be surrounded by a wall and a moat with 8 gates. The Japanese destroyed all the gates but this one. It now sits at a very busy intersection. There are tunnels below the street that leads to the center or you can do what we did and run across the busy intersection when there was a pause in the traffic. I didn't know that all the watered areas around the area was part of the moat. I just thought it was part of a park or something. It was too dark to take really good pictures but it was very picturesque. I think there are like fishes or something living there because I would see the water ripple all of a sudden.

the star of the show!


  1. I start by asking a guy how tall he is and THAT, my dear, is how conversation ignites!

  2. your picture of the moon looks amazing :D