Sunday, September 18, 2011

more yum yums in my tummy!

Time for some more Asian snacks from Taiwan!!

Nothing too distinctive about these chips. The garlic potato crackers were barely garlicky. Disappointment. Char Grilled Ribs flavor didn't taste like ribs more like a weird version of bbq flavor.

I bought this soda ice bar popsicle because I liked the fact that it was blue. It tasted pretty good but I believe its just regular sugar flavoring since I can't seem to figure out what soda it could possibly be.

Damask rose tea. This drink felt like I was drinking rose petals. Very delicious! Makes me wonder if eating rose petals would be so delicious. That's my purple helmet in the background. Even if people don't own scooters, they still have helmets. People would always ask me if I had a helmet even if I don't have a scooter. I thought this was strange until I realize a lot of people don't carry extra helmets with them and since it's required by law its good to have one when you are riding on the back of other peoples scooters.

Pringles are thick here. This flavor isn't very spicy at all. I miss hot cheetohs... The cans are also smaller here. When I notice things like this I realize I'm so American. I want everything to be super huge and humongous!

Taiwan pancakes! I really hate breakfast type foods. Never been a fan of pancakes or eggs. Taiwan pancakes are more to my liking, a thin shell with filling. I got a pancake filled with mushrooms and ham with hoi-sen sauce. Accompanying this meal is a cup of soy milk. This soy milk was more delicious than the one I had last time that left a nasty after taste.

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