Thursday, September 15, 2011

mosquitoes here are way more lethal...

So I've been bitching about my mosquito bites for awhile now. People told me I have an allergic reaction to them since my bites were so swollen. I've never had such swollen bumps from mosquito bites before but apparently mosquitoes in Taiwan are crazy.

These bites are so sexy! The swelling is gone now but I have scabs all over my arms from the healing of the bites. I seriously have never scabbed before from mosquito bites. Either that or I've never seen them since bites usually occurred on my butt. Haha.


  1. hmm... maybe it's a genetic thing. I am allergic to a type of mosquito, the doctor prescribed me medicine for it. I'm not looking forward to Taiwan's infestation!

  2. Omg, I'm allergic to them too! When I was getting bitten up in Aus, my bites were really swollen and Riley's were miniscule! It probably IS in the genes! Although... our ancestors came from the land of mosquitoes so in theory we should be fine..

  3. One of mine turn purple and was a size of an orange! and it became hard!